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    This film had been in the camera since winter so I split it up between the beach trip this week and the winter shots...I was surprised at how grainy these came out and the skies appear more foreboding than they actually were that day.

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    shared by albeelee on 2012-06-15

    We walk in the Ping-xi, it's a beautiful place! We fly the flying lantern and during we watched the waterfall we saw rainbow, how lucky we are! :D

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  • Obrigado - Thank you, Portugal, for being such a…

    shared by moodification on 2013-12-09

    Pictures from our honeymoon trip through Portugal. We made an island hopping tour around Fuseta. - Home developed in Tetenal C41 Rapid Kit -

  • Thanksgiving 2013!!!! Part 1 (Lubitel)

    shared by waggrad00 on 2013-12-09

    I had the most AMAZING time with my family for Thanksgiving! They braved the Chicago weather from San Francisco and brought with them coats that were too thin and hearts that were so full. I love each and every one of them so much. ReAir is my little cousin who makes all of our hearts melt and she wanted to go to the park despite the 20 degree weather. No way I wasn't going to take portraits!!! And, thank you DeDe for getting excited about long exposures; future Lomographer in the making. I hope you can feel the love in these shots!! It's the spirit of my Nettie and our Aunt Libby bringing us all together. Enjoy!!!! =-) p.s. I have no words to adequately convey how special I feel to be the Lomo Home of the Day (12/9/13)!! Photography brings me so much joy, so to have my love for the art words, but thank you!! Big xx's!!!!

  • Autumn don't go!

    shared by ophelia on 2013-12-09

    It's almost Christmas and it seems september! What a strange year is this? I love yellow and red leaves that's why autumn is my favourites season!! Here I'm in "Bosco di Manziana".

  • Perfekt Precisa

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    My first roll on my new Horizon Perfekt

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  • Katia IV

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    Erotic photography. Model: @kathiia

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  • the things we do so plentiful

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    Yes it's true, I get overboard sometimes with taking pictures and Satomi has to bare the consequences in being burned in the Nevada Sun. But I am a quick snapper, one shot every 4 seconds ought to be my regular mode...

  • Sunset strip sprockets in Sikkim

    shared by ishifishy on 2013-12-09

    My sunset strips were damaged through X-Ray when I had initially bought them from the US. I still decided to go ahead with using the last one on my trip. Not that bad an idea, eh! I do love most of the photos, though the tea gardens did not come out that great. The shots on Changu Lake are my favorites. It was a really beautiful place. Anyways, I had to crop one shot of my aunt because the sprocket holes were really burnt up. P.S. I love Alliteration ;-)

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  • 秋の嵐山 -Kyoto in autumn

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  • Chuo Freeway

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    About 10 seconds each. Using a cable release and black adhesive tape (to mask the light sensor of LC-A+). Needed patience and concentration...

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    Ben plays with toy guns, I shoot him with my toy camera..

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  • Golden Hour of Photography

    shared by neja on 2012-01-18

    I have been here so many times before, but I never get tired of seeing Calatrava's creations and taking pictures of it. That was my 1st ever try of Lomography CN 800 ISO film and I couldn't be more happy with it. Since this marvelous sunset above the City of Arts and Science, shooting during the golden hour of photography became a habit.

  • Lucie

    shared by mikeydavies on 2012-01-16

    If I could choose one person to give a Russia Day LC-A to it would be the love of my life Lucie, This girl does so much for so many people and really deserves something for it, Everyday when i wake up i smile knowing that she will look after me and most importantly put up with me! Also she deserves the best so i think a Lomo LC-A is perfect for her! :) First roll Of XP2 through my Holga 135 Used with Diana F+ Flash

  • Dirty Deer Fashion

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    Some fall randoms. Pushed to 1600.

  • Strandbad Seewinkel - Ammersee

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  • Autumn don't go!

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    It's almost Christmas and it seems september! What a strange year is this? I love yellow and red leaves that's why autumn is my favourites season!! Here I'm in "Bosco di Manziana".

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  • Miss.Candy

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    cute,sweet,lovely little princess~

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  • MAlliss

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  • Scorpion

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    Columbus day at China Walls with my ladies @summsumm and @kayswirl and my Polaroid <3 I find it a bit hard to correctly expose the film with this camera..but I liked this pack anyway :)

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  • Feeding ducks from a birds eye view

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    thanks @giovannidecarlo for inspired me =P hehehhe

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    Vino, fotos y cuarto oscuro.

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  • My fifth home-developed roll

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    No to being linear. We need to be wibbly, wobbly, timey wimey sometimes, you know?

  • Easton Lomowalk, Rolleiflex, 11 2013

    shared by af-capture on 2013-12-11

    ....a nice lomowalk with supershapy, grazie, trw, and blueskyandhardrock! great time...thanks a lot you guys..

  • Elka and Amir's Post Wedding

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