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Random Instax Shots from Christmastime

Double Exposures with the Ultra Wide and Slim - 24 Clicks

How to take double exposures using the Vivitar Ultra Slim and Wide

March still feels like winter
Pentax MX & Kodak Portra 160NC (Expired)

Spot the Difference: Analog vs Digital

A field test to compare digital and analog photography.

Today in History: Louis Daguerre is Born (1787)

If he were alive today, Louis Daguerre, one of the founders of photography, would have been 225 years old.

Harbor Tour
Yashica T4 Super!
Last Day in Japan'12

Drool-Worthy Film Stashes on Flickr

Is your film stash fat, full, and happy? Good for you, because mine is depleted, lonely, and in desperate need of replenishment. It doesn't help that I came across this Flickr group of film photographers showing off their analogue bounty. Are you ready to cry and drool with me?

New Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

At first glance, the works of a London-based duo appear to be odd clumps of trash claiming to be sculptures, but the real art appears when light is shined upon them. That must have sparked your curiosity, so read on to find out what these artworks look like!

Early Aerial Photography With the Help of Pigeons

Before man was able to take photographs of cities and landscapes on airplanes, aerial photography was done either by flying up on hot air balloons or equipping pigeons with cameras. Yes, photography with the help of birds isn't a new idea, so learn more about its early days after the jump!

Most Popular Photo Last Year: October 1, 2011

Stretch those muscles cute grey cat and let some analogue lovin' person take the shot for you!

Robot toy
Yay yay white sprockets!

The Smith Tower: The Cage at the Top of Seattle

The Smith Tower in Seattle hasn't been able to claim the title of "tallest skyscraper on the west coast" for 50 years, but this 38-storey neoclassical office tower is still worth a visit. Since the first 34 floors are private offices, and the top three floors are for private residence, your visit will include the lobby, the elevator, and The Chinese Room on the 35th floor.


Extreme Olympic Close-Ups

How many of you are glued to your tellies for the 2012 Olympics? Anybody? Well, then get clued in on all the action you missed here! Instead of showing full-frame scenes of courts, rinks, pools, and rings, TIME has zoomed in on some of the World Game's poignant moments in tight shots that are quite literally "in your face."

I think I have finally mastered the Lubitel
I think I have finally mastered the Lubitel

Announcing the Authors Of The London City Guide

Thanks to the community members who helped create it, the Lomography City Guide London will have you navigating the capital like a local in no time. Find out if you're in there now!

Mission to Find the Most Popular Lomograph

I recently found myself wondering which, of the many spectacular photos on this site, was the most popular of all time. I imagined that there would be many photos that had several thousand likes. I also imagined that it would be easy to track down the top photo. Not so my lomo-friends, not so.

American Masters: Jeff Bridges

We know Jeff Bridges as the tenpin-bowling dude from The Big Lebowski and the eyepatch-wearing gunman from True Grit, but did you know that the Oscar-winning actor is also a cartoonist, musician, and photographer? Find out more about Jeff Bridges and his Widelux panoramic shots in this edition of American Masters.

Winner Announcements Galore and Other Piggy Information

So, you wanna know if you are the winner of one of our many rumbles and competitions? Wait no longer, starting today we are going to have a winner announcement race in the magazine. Stay tuned Saturday and Sunday for upcoming winner announcements!

In Memory of the Late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort by Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon has taken a bevy of iconic black and white portraits, the trademark that made him a big name. But one look at this vibrant and over-the-top fashion spread (skeleton models aren't normal, right?) and you'll know that Avedon was no one-trick pony. See The New Yorker editorial photos here.

Time to Vote!!! Canadian Vignettes: Coast to Coast Rumble

It's time for Canada to vote for our Coast to Coast Rumble! We got your amazing submissions and now its time to choose the best of the best from each region! Remember the image from each province with the most 'likes' will be in our National Canada Vignettes Exhibition here at the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto.

Can You Guess These Microscopic Drinks?

William LeGoullon took on the role of photographer and bartender in his latest series, "Fingerprints of Drinkable Culture." Exploring his fascination with man-made beverages, he put the five most popular drinks (hint) under a microscope and photographed them. See if you can guess which is which below!

Trip to Amsterdam Vol. I
Downtown Essen