Testing... And Thank You!


In celebration of my 5000th upload of analog anarchy to the internet (ironically a digital medium) I’ve decided to use some hybrid analog/digital tools to top up to my next award level. No photoshop! That would be too easy. I decided to fire up the paper beast. My trusty HP Photosmart 7150. Good for my uses, but it’s running low on ink and when I use it on photo paper, it distorts colours in an unpleasant way. I decided to print some of my shots to put the cartridges out of their misery. Ooooops! The paper double fed, printing only a sliver on the second page and a somehow imperfect 90% compleat rendering on the top page. Seemed a shame to waste the effort. Aha!! The double exposure. Maybe if I turn the paper around and reprint…WOW!!! That looks way cool! Ok. Now I need to scan this bad boy. Oooops! That’s the pdf. button. I can tell I don’t scan reflective often (all film.) Re-scan, and save. Oooooops! Scanned at 1200 dpi! Ha-Ha! It’s a 67.3MB file. Too big to upload here! Now I have to start resizing and rotating, and when I get it down to lomo-size, you will all get to see my lomo-Photo No. 5000!!!

written by fartstorm on 2013-09-01