Internet Re-birth

I had never before realized how much I use the internet for entertainment until last Thursday. It was a regular morning, until…

The internet is down. Being a nerd, I have the router’s home address bookmarked. Click…UID/password. Ok. that cable works. Next on to the modem. Turn off powerbar for network accserrories. Wait a few minutes. Grab coffee!! Reset powerbar and wait a minute. Phone jack’s good too.
Call “Provider” and talk to voice operated then real live operator and explain steps already taken. They actually listened and don’t ask me to repeat process. In relief they offer to courier new modem.

Credits: fartstorm

Beginning of bad mood. Last Friday now, I get the delivery attempt notice and have to bike over to the depot. Fine, I’ll go get it. Hook it up and only 2 lights. Call “provider” and chat while they test. Technichian has to be booked for Sunday.
Credits: fartstorm

This is getting crazy! Sunday morning comes and the technician says it’s the dee-SLAM (it’s okay if you don’t know what this is. I used another persons machine to look it up.) It should be fixed by the end of the day, maybe. Monday night…Tuesday…Wedneday..Thursday
Credits: fartstorm

ONE WEEK!!! Just kill me! I’m grouchy to my family for no reason and am behaving like and addict looking for a connection. Drums. I must hit something. That doesn’t make “Mommy” happy and besides, she misses her games too! I’m irate to the mostly helpful tech support people. Thursday night low-level line man comes to visit and says it’s still the SLAM (a phrase I had never used without BODY in front of it) and it will be a day or so. “LEAVE.” If you’ve never seen someone load their shorts, you’d have been tempted to laugh. Theatre skills used on unsuspecting people might be unethical but wow! This guy couldn’t get out fast enough. I went jekyll and hyde on this poor man. When he arrived I offered him a water bottle. Now one word. Leave! ZIP!
Credits: fartstorm

Friday. I find out I get the whole month free for my headache. Some consolation anyway…Saturday an experienced line-man comes by and he’s greeted by “Mommy” and not the hair triggered raging cursing medicine ball wielding beast. He’s the first to bring his own modem. He’s the first to replace the jack! He’s the first to go to the building’s I.T. box! He comes with answers. Good ones. The problem is about two and a half KM out. He found the line of someone who’d moved and we were using that line now and lets configure the new modem.
So that’s why I vanished for a week (for the most part!) Back with a vengeance and a message, Call Before you DIG!!

written by fartstorm on 2012-09-30