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Toronto had an extreme cold weather advisory yesterday and I decided to take advantage of the crystal clear air and beautiful sunlight by taking out the spinner 360 (hey, it’s still the new toy!)

Only one problem, the rubber O ring that transfers the spinny action into film advance was as stiff as the camera body. I pulled the cord and it just hung out at full draw. Normally that would mean the roll of film is done, except this was the first pull of the roll. So I manually spin the camera to get the cord back into the handle. Not satisfied, I try again. Same result. Rats! I test the mechanism by removing the ring to save the film and the cam spins freely. Relief! Things warm up and work fine.

I wonder if there are other Spinner 360 stories out there. Once I finish the roll, I’ll post some of these “experimental” results.

written by fartstorm on 2012-01-04

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    Sorry, noticed some details that needed correcting. Typos bother me...not such a happy accident :-(