How I met Lomography


Hm, how did I get in touch with this Lomography movement? Let me think again!

There was a day when I was searching for some kind of picture in the internet and I type in the topic in this famous search engine that starts with a G.

I received several pictures that matched with what I was searching for but there was one picture that really attracted me and was totally different from all the others. The pic was in a square format (at this time I never heard about something like medium format) and it really has a strong vignette.
The whole picture looked so “retro” to me and it really catched me…..
So, I clicked the pic to find out more about it and after some research it turns out that pic was made with a camera called Holga. I´m so sorry to bore you but I did more research about Holga and more and more fantastic pics turned on the surface and finally I also found a website where I could see this camera.

A small little plastic box should really take all this beautiful pictures?
I was totally into the topic…..maybe you know that feeling when you are really into something and try to find out as most information about it as you can get…..I was like a Holga sponge.
The next days I was checking websites where you could order stuff and get in touch with the LSI and their shopsystem for the first time. Wow, so many cameras but honestly I only had eyes for the Holga….but I wasn´t really sure if I should get this cam or if this was just this sort of idea that comes and fade away after a while again….

What should I say – I waited a while but I couldn´t get Holga out of my head – so, to make things short: in the end Holga was laying on my desktop and I was opening this fantastic looking box… every word in the manual and check the camera itself.
I have to say, I was really proud with this cam and felt like:
“Yeah, I´m this kind of supercreative master photographer that will produce fantastic shots” – so little I knew… much I had to learn.

Then, the big day arrived…..I was on a hike with my dog and I took the Holga with me – 100% sure to create the most stunning pics that wil blow everybody away. I shoot and it felt so good.
Everytime I clicked the shutter it felt like creating art to me.
The next day I brought the roll to the lab and couldn´t wait until I received the pics.

Days passed and finally the film was ready for pick up. I opened the envelope and was so curious but it turn´s out like a total distaster! From 12 shots I forgot to open the lenscap on 5 pics which means totally black, so only 7 pics left.
But these 7 doesn´t look like the ones that I saw on the Lomo website or in the net.
They looked like totally normal “digital camera” shots. There was no vignette or either this “retro” feeling on any of the pictures. I can still remember I was so disappointed that I nearly wanted to give up this Holga idea. But I still had two more rolls of film at home that I don´t want to waste, so I loaded up again and I went on a walk on a sunny early morning….and shoot again another roll of film.

Again I developed them and what should I say: 2 from the 12 shots turned out quite nice to me and I was totally back in the Holga – Fever again. These shots had exactly the look that I was expecting from this cam….so, I went on and I started to learn how to use the cam and I also accepted that you have to shoot a lot of film to get some nice results….even as a beginner.

After a while I really get used to the Holga and I was thinking that it was maybe time for another cam….probably a 35 mm. So, I checked around again and started with my detective work in the net. And what should I say: my eyes founds another diamond that I couldn´t get my eyes away from……the Yashica Electro 35 GSN – it´s been a long time since I bought this camera but I never get tired of shooting with her.
I like her design, which is really classical to me, I like that I can take pics in low light situations with her because of her 1.7 lens and I like that it is still small enough to carry it around everyday……a lot of my favorite pics are captured with this cam.

All these things happened really a while ago and now several cameras later I am still thankful that I didn´t give up that easily in the beginning, even if the results didn´t turn out as I wanted it – otherwise I would never have discovered this fantastic field of analogue photography or meet so many nice people that are sharing the same passion -

Analogue photography definetely changed the way how I see the world – and I really like what I see……

written by eyecon on 2010-12-07


  1. elvismartinezsmith
    elvismartinezsmith ·

    it's funny to read how it changed people's view of the world when entering the world of Lomography :)

  2. gnarlyleech
    gnarlyleech ·

    Very nice Lomo story. That Yashica takes some good pics.

  3. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    Wenn man Holga mit Diana ersetzt klingts ein bisschen wie meine Geschichte ^_^

  4. squamy
    squamy ·

    Lovely blog :)