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After years of getting the Lomography newsletter emails and not really knowing what it was all about, I was lucky enough to pick up a Colorsplash camera at Photokina this September by coming up with an idea to document the city which I was about to move to for the next year, the other London..

Since arriving in London Ontario in Canada, after finishing my 2010 summer Euro trip, I have been fulfilling my promise of taking Lomographs of ‘The other London" (check out my articles for that) and in about the first 10 days I had shot around 3 rolls of film and having the only lab in the city which develops not only Color but slide and 120 about 5 minutes walk away really helps. I’ve fallen back in love with the contrast, the not knowing what you’re going to get, the waiting to get the photos back from the lab, the constant need for wanting to try something new and have also developed an obsession with entering all the contests I can (and all the while being able to take more and more Lomographs along the way) to build build up my “Piggie” bank.

In the time since I’ve been back in Canada, and made my home on Lomography I’ve been lucky enough to have been included in the lomography Email newsletter, had my photo be photo of the day, started organizing a series which i’ve had in the back of my mind for a very long time about childhood toys, had my article published for the Lomolocation, was one of the winners of the Lomowall rumble and have gained a whole lot of inspiration by looking at other Lomographers work.
I now can’t wait until I go up to Toronto in a couple of weeks time to go to the new Lomography store there and I love getting my Lomo on everyday!

How has Lomography inspired you?


  1. nacarilegea


    Hey! nice blog, it seems u are a quick learner :) lover ur pics!!

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  2. vicuna


    Nice story indeed! :) Love the shadow shot, make a lot of these too... ;)

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  3. spoeker


    "build up my Piggie bank" oooh yes those lovely little piggies, I can't get enough of them ;)
    and this remembers me, that I still have to take photos for my photokina-location...but it's getting dark to early now...shame on me, but I think I have to wait till spring to get some proper photos

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  4. mastarto


    Piggie bank =)),like your story
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  5. squamy


    Lovely blog!! :D

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  6. mochilis


    It's true, once you get your first piggies by surprise you can't stop entering competitions or writing articles :) Nice article and have fun in Toronto Lomo store!

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  7. maymosciaro


    great story!!
    very good idea to get to kinow your new city through you camera!!

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  8. erinwoodgatesphotography


    Hey @nacarilegea, I have done alot of photography in the past but only really just got into Lomography in the past few months..
    @spoeker I'm sure you'd be able to get some amazing shots in winter as well! I'm definitely taking my Holga out tomorrow loaded with B&W to shoot some snow but I haven't done that with film before so i'll see how I go..
    Thanks a lot everyone :)

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  9. rav_bunneh


    cool :3

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  10. eatcpcks


    nice story:) i love this story!
    If only i Went to photokina:'(

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  11. natalieerachel


    Ooh London! I'm going there in a few months!!

    Lovely story :)

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  12. atreyuthechild


    Sounds like you've been a really busy bee with your lomography! Good luck on your travels. Please read my story here: http://www.lomograph(…)e-addiction

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  13. erinwoodgatesphotography


    @eatcpcks thanks yeah photokina was a great time, check out my blog if you're interested in it-
    @natalieerachel are you going to London, England or London, Ontario?
    @atreyuthechild thanks yeah and the story is even longer now, will have to update it every few months I think :)

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  14. nea


    the current hobby and addiction: piggies hunting!

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  15. neurodiaz


    Lovely story, :D. Wow, you're so lucky, I wish we had a Lomography Embassy Store here in Venezuela. :).

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  16. phaliyp


    so sweet!!! ^^

    almost 4 years ago · report as spam
  17. blancarleal


    thanks for your link, your entry is very nice!

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  18. dyluzo


    great stuff !

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  19. erinwoodgatesphotography


    Thank you everyone for the kind words and @neurodiaz I definitely think myself lucky to be in the same country as a store but it is still a 2 and a bit hr drive and without a car I have only been able to get there once since it opened up! I'm hoping to go to the store in London England when I go there for Christmas :)

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  20. antibiotyx


    wow you're very lucky! lomo on!

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  21. alehopgm


    Oh! So nice!

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