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With analogue photography fighting cancer

I haven't been active at Lomography for a while. Some of my friends asked me what was going on. Well, it has been a difficult start of the year. Many problems, many changes and one of my most precious and closest people ill.

When my mum told me by phone she had a cancer, I was devastated. She called and let me know about it only after the first operation, because she did not want me to be worried and scared. I couldn’t stop crying after we finished the call. I was in a trap of new job, moving to a new flat and finishing my school. I wanted to be with her and support her as much as she is always supporting me, but I couldn’t leave straight after the news.

Photo by erikagrendel

Fortunately, I managed to go home, but still only for a few days. Honestly, my mum is very brave, I guess I am more scared than she is. And now after the second operation, she needs to be even stronger and get through the treatment, to heal, to get better and healthy again. I am not writing this to spill out my heart. I just realized in last three months how my dreamy world can be easily broken and how everything can be changed quickly.

My mum has been the biggest fan of my photos. And since I cannot be with her everyday to support her, I decided to send her as often as I can a lomo-postcard made always from one of my more cheerful, happier, colourful photos. I found out that I do not have many of those and here comes the reason of writing this blog. My dear lomo-friends, if you have some cheerful, funny, beautiful, sunny and witty photos and you do not mind me using them for a “get-well-and-be-strong-postcard”, please leave a link to them in the comment. I am sure the collection of postcards we can create in this way will make her happier!

Thanks in advance.
I love you mum!

written by erikagrendel


  1. sirio174


    For you and for your mum http://www.lomograph(…)os/15517258

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  2. sandravo


    What a lovely idea. This one's for your mom... http://www.lomograph(…)os/19460201

    10 months ago · report as spam
  3. waggrad00


    What a beautiful idea!!! This is for you and for your mum!!!! XX, Julia http://www.lomograph(…)os/18933276

    10 months ago · report as spam
  4. erikagrendel


    @sirio174, @sandravo, @waggrad00 thank you very much for your support and photos! i am sure my mum will love them <3

    10 months ago · report as spam
  5. stratski


    Oof, it's hard to top those wonderful pictures... But Smiling Horse says: get well soon, mum! http://www.lomograph(…)os/15397917

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  6. erikagrendel


    @stratski thank you <3

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  7. schugger


    Send your mum all my best wishes, please!...and another postcard: http://www.lomograph(…)os/18891917

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  8. avola


    A lot of strength to go through this, for you as a daughter too. Take those blooming flowers

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  9. nacarilegea


    lots of love for u and ur mum!! a 'troll' face may make her laugh :P http://www.lomograph(…)os/17069372

    10 months ago · report as spam
  10. erikagrendel


    @schugger, @avola, @nacarilegea thank you so much <3 and have a great day!

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  11. roxyvonschlotterstein


    Take this as a „looking forward to a healthy future“ card. Stay strong and all the best for your mom.

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  12. roxyvonschlotterstein


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  13. jimjimm


    from india...here is a character of legend...the maratha warriors...icons.. who inspire all.. here to be strong....best wishes..


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  14. roxyvonschlotterstein


    I totally forgot the link. http://www.lomograph(…)os/17903884

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  15. ejb


    That's such a lovely thing to do for her! I am sorry I don't have anti contribute I'm still just learning. Goodluck though and prayers for your family!
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  16. erikagrendel


    @roxyvonschlotterstein and @jimjimm thank you very very much for your pictures, I will be glad to use them for mum's postcards :) <3
    @ejb thank you so much for your kind words!

    10 months ago · report as spam
  17. sweetyyydreams


    Just stumbled upon your blog article and I wish your mom to stay strong and get well soon. Here's a contribution for your lomo-postcards if you like it :) http://www.lomograph(…)os/16325183

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  18. erikagrendel


    @sweetyyydreams thank you sooo much. It is lovely!

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  19. alexkon


    Very Good that you do not forget the parents. My mom liked this photo from the Red Sea.
    Maybe your mom will like it too http://www.lomograph(…)os/19329082

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