All I want to do is lomo, but I can't right now :(

Credits: elletra

Generally I always keep up with the online shiz going on, but I’ve been so terribly busy I feel like I’ve lost my head… and on top of all the goings on, I’m currently without my Smena 8M and L-CA+ RL because I sent them in last week for maintenance! I feel lost without my l-ca! I’ve missed out on some awesome articles, and some free piggies via Facebook… and my Home hasn’t had much activity due to my absence :( But alas things will turn around, and I will bounce back. Thank goodness for this new blog feature, it gave me five minutes to vent :D and get some piggies in the process!

So in the mean time, I miss you dearly and all of my lomo friends, I hope you all are having an awesome beginning of November! I will be back to join you all shortly, so be ready to get tons of likes and comments :D

written by elletra on 2010-11-03

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  1. hagisawa_416
    hagisawa_416 ·

    I am waiting for your new photos! I am ready to give likes to your photos.