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Stuck in Time: The Agfachrome1000 RS, 120mm

How can the years make something better? Let me share my favorite film to shoot in 120 format, it's maybe a few years younger than I. Pure 80's magic!

UK CitySlicker FrogBear: Uber Cute 5-Minute DIY Photo Holders

If you like changing your pictures on display as much as I do, these cute 5-minute, DIY photo holders are perfect: no cutting the picture to fit the frame or going out to buy a new one!

How To Be As Happy As Epicurus

Tired of that daily digital grind? Want to take a different approach to life? Why not try out these awesome tips from the Ancient Greek self-help guru Epicurus!

LomoAmigo Syahrulfikri Salleh Capturing Moments with the LC-A+

Syahrulfikri Salleh, a lecturer from an international university in Malaysia, finds happiness in taking spontaneous photographs, travels and listening to Radiohead or Coldplay. He is someone who enjoys capturing lovely moments with his beautiful friends.

Community LomoAmigo Edmund_li and His Love for his LC-A+ RL

Edmund, a camera store owner, is an avid Lomographer and has been shooting for almost 6 years. He has taken his camera to several Asian countries and shoots whenever and wherever he can! Even when living in a digital age, he still opts to use film over digital cameras.

LomoPeople Malaysia: izzzart

He is izzzart, my inspiration.

Fly High with Fujichrome Provia 400X

This is a review of my one and only favorite film: Fujichrome Provia 400X!

How to Stay Inspired in Film Photography

Going to the same locations and doing the same things when shooting can sometimes be a drag. When you don’t have inspiration when shooting, your pictures don’t turn out as well. Here are some tips you may want to consider to stay inspired in film photography.

8 Easy but Awesome Beginner Tips

Anyone who has spent enough time in the Lomo Society will have a faint idea of some popular tricks people like to do which give you great results! So this Tipster is for all the Lomo-Beginners out there! (Not saying that I am in any way an expert on these! I just happened to see other people doing them and felt like spreading the idea for the newbies!)

A Guide to Night Photography

When doing night photography, it is essential to know some tips and techniques that will help you attain beautiful pictures. Here are some tips that you can follow when doing night photography.

Superb Sunsets: Tips for Stunning Sunset Photos

No vacation is complete without a sunset photo. Learn how to capture beautiful sunsets with these simple tips!

Mount Tahan and Taman Negara (National Park), Pahang

Besides being the home to the glorious Mount Tahan, Taman Negara is also the habitat of thousands of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna that create one of the most diverse and complex ecosystems in the world. Not only that, it is also the home to some indigenous people called, the Batek clan. This phenomenal nature diversity in Taman Negara is a veritable treasure not only to Malaysia but to the planet.

Now Everyone Can Have Sprocket Holes on any 35mm Camera.

This is a super duper simple and awesome technique to have a sprocket holes on any 35mm camera.Everyone should try it,since the tools needed is common things that we have in our house.

Poor Man's Leica (Part 2): Variety of Lenses

On my last article about the poor man's Leica, the FED 5B, I wrote about the physical aspects of the camera, including the shutter speed, weight of the camera, the lens and the precaution. One other things special about this old Russian camera is about its lens mount!

Before the match

Ansco Pix: A Small Camera That Fits Into Any Style

Travel light and capture pictures in daylight,super lightweight and black in color, looking very classy and fit into any style.

Holga 135 - El Cheapo Camera with Amazing Capability

For an "el- cheapo" camera, the Holga 135 is quite a versatile camera.

Colin Creevey and the Argus C3

In the wizardly world of Harry Potter, nearly everything in the Muggle realm had a counterpart, including cameras. In time for the premiere of Harry Potter saga's final installment, why don't we look back at one of the prominent analog cameras featured throughout the film series?

Music and Photography: The Slide Film to My Cross Processing

Music is my daily bread. For years I’ve been submerged in a parallel reality that is defined by staffs, measures, beats, and pitches. But a little while ago I was presented with some fine spread for my bread: Lomography!

Get Creative with Overlapping Images with the LOMO LC-Wide!

The half-frame format of the LOMO LC-Wide enables you to create amazing dreamlike overlapped images.

Panoramic Cameras and Their Quirks

My top 6 panoramic experiences after 5 months with the Sprocket Rocket!

Oumar Ly: Chance Meeting with Photography

Behind every photographer is a story of how the passion began. For Senegalese photographer Oumar Ly, it began with a chance encounter with photography through a French serviceman. Read on to find out the rest of his story.

Nadirah Zakariya shoots with the Lomo LC-A+

Shooting self-portraits is not as easy as it may seem. It is self-exploration, self-documentation, and when done well, can lead to self-discovery.

Smena 35

Smenas are the most fun cameras I ever used. I used it during the day only because of the darky apperture (F4). For a whole year it's been my carrying camera, I had a Smena 35 in my backpack everyday.

All You Need is the Weather - Smena 35

The Smena 35 is a true lomo camera. Maybe not the most noted but it makes a great companion. This little guy doesn't look all that much like it's siblings, but it's definitely a Smena.

Smena 35 - Say Goodbye To Boredom, Forever!

Is the one to choose for all you creative and restless Lomographers! The settings and techniques possible with this camera are endless and I promise you will never be bored again, no matter where you are, with this one by your side. The name 'Smena' (young generation) is therefore completely appropriate.

Converting the Smena 35 into a Wide-Angle Monster

You can use a wide-angle converter designed for digital camcorders to give the Smena 35 the equivalent of a 20mm super wide-angle lens.

Load Your 120 Diana with 35mm Film without Using the Special 35mm Back

Want to use 35mm film in your regular Diana camera but haven't got the special 35mm back. Well you can all you need is a slight modification and you can happily shoot sprocket framed snaps with the aid of some foam and electrical tape.

Kodak Portra 160VC: Rockin' Negative!

Kodak Professional Portra 160VC is among the negative films that I love to use.

Horizon Perfekt: Why I Love it So!

I just wanna say "I love you!" to my beloved Horizon Perfekt!

LomoKids: Staring Them Young

It’s never too late or too early to start shooting film.Who knows? Your kid might be one of the next influential photographers of our generation?

The Making of a Giant LC-A+

The sight of the giant LC-A+ at the Lomography Gallery Store Sheung Wan in Hong Kong is something not to be missed. It stands tall there about waist level, always amazing the visitors. In this article, our store manager Alex will tell us the making-of story of how the giant camera was born!

Stephan Kaps AKA mephisto19 Celebrates his Lomo LC-A+

What an awesome Lomo LC-A anniversary year 2009 has been and it’s not over yet! As a special community treat we have got an awesome line up of interviews day after day until the big one. First off the bat is mephisto19 telling us why, “shooting with your LC-A+ is ALWAYS a great experience”

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