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light explosion!

Easter Island (Hanga Roa)

Easter island is a Polynesian island of the South Pacific and is a territory of Chile. Easter Island or Rapa Nui (in Rapa Nui language) is famous for its giant statues made of volcanic rock called Moai. The statues are all over the island and they were constructed to represent the dead men and ancestors of the island.

Tipster of the Day: Please, Don't Cut the Negatives!

As much as you would nag the photolab personnel about not colour correcting your precious Lomographs everytime (that you thought it should be the 11th "Lomographic Golden Rule":http://www.lomography.com/about/index_rules.php), not letting them to cut your negatives came close to being the 12th because of this:

Tipster Of The Day: Coloured Dimensions You Can Almost Touch

A Color Splash does not only emits the various spiritual forces and compulsions of its Chakras on your shots, it can also make everything you thought flat into a life-like portrait of your world.

I Saw the Sign Rumble Winner Announcement

Whatever it is, a mixture of official and added on things can be a great juxtaposition, as our new winner mizzfonky shows with her photo - pretty mischievous, but also a contrast with the buildings!

Kodak 160vc (120, 160 iso) user-review

This film is sometimes hazy, brilliant, greenish, vivid... not only are the colours completely unpredictable, but this is also a bit of a villain kind of film.

Agfa RSX (120, 50 iso) user-review

Not to be confused with the successor RSX II but since this was discontinued years ago, it may be a little hard to find now and with some luck you may find a few if you're patient enough! The best place to start hunting for this is probably from eBay.