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  • Hamburg-Berlin non-stop

    shared by fruchtzwerg_hh on 2014-05-05

  • Hamburg-Berlin non-stop

    shared by fruchtzwerg_hh on 2014-05-05

  • Milan X Singapore

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    A Double Project where I took the light installations at night in Singapore, then passed the very same camera with the same film to my buddy who is going to Milan :)

  • Flower Tokyo

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    Double exposure. Shot flowers only at a garden and set the film again, then shot many subjects.

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  • 2013 02 03Feb LC-W FujichromeVelvia50 14-16Feb

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    satisfied with this shot: black-tape splitzer

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  • NEW YORK NEW YORK by LC-A+ vol.1

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  • ein paar Sommer-Eindrücke aus meiner Heimat

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  • Failed Pop 9 Doubles! Soho Summer!

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    I shot this roll with my modified Pop 9 in Summer with the intention of doubling with my LCA. Unfortunately none of the images I doubled have showed through! But this was a roll of doubles!

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  • Test shot with a Yashica Mat

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    A friend lent me his 1957 Yashica Mat twin-lens reflex that he rarely ever uses. The first film I ran through it was completely trashed because it was really expired old Ektachrome film. This second try, with fresh Velvia 100, turned out much better. All exposures were guesswork (as I still don't have a lightmeter), so I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. The camera itself is a beauty - really well made, from quality materials, with all controls sensibly located, and apart from some gunked-up glue under the frontplate decorative cover, this one's still in great condition and perfect working order 55 years after it was built. I'll be sad to give it back to its owner... sniff!

  • Kodak Ektar 100 Test

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    The Kodak Ektar 100 has nice colours, but I think that the Ektar is better in summer...

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  • Morning in the fog | Cow

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    ISO 100 film exposed with ISO 400 and push developed with 2 stops. Home developed and expired hybrid processed film. More about HPro2:

  • Portra on the steep hills of Zheleznitsa

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    The red bubbles are as per this tipster:

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    I was not really satisfied with the results of this expired film, but I thought this was caused by the film. I checked my camera and it appeared the lightmeters battery was empty............ . New batteries are now installed and I will do some new shooting, same camera with same film!!

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  • Bokeh Licious!

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  • Japan X Singapore, Arurin X illegaltender

    shared by illegaltender on 2012-07-18

    Hello! This set of photos is a set of double exposure done by Arurin and myself taking pictures of various places around Japan and Singapore. It was was most certainly a lot of fun with very unexpected outcomes!

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    The Belair meets @diana3009 please have a look at her Home

  • Portra on the steep hills of Zheleznitsa

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    The red bubbles are as per this tipster:

  • Fotos Rescatadas

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    Acabo de estrenar mi nuevo escaner y al revisar mis antiguos negativos he rescatado estas fotos que habían olvidado escanear en los laboratorios. Ya no volverá a pasar más.

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  • 女王陛下はアナログがお好き

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    PENTAX MZ-50 smc PENTAX FA 35-80mm 4-5.6 Lomography Redscale XR 50-200

  • Konica C35 EF

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    Lomography 35mm coler negative ISO100

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    Die erste Rolle "Lomography X Tungsten 64 35mm"! Leider sind nur 4 Fotos was geworden, der Rest ist erbarmungslos unterbelichtet. Also noch mehr Sonne muß her und die restlichen Filmrollen werden bestimmt besser.

  • My bff wedding

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    I use Lomography Horizon Perfekt loaded with Kodak EB Elite II that expired in March 31st, 1998 Congratulation to my bff, Elva Satya Nugroho & his wife, Fanny Nurul Hidayati ---------------------------------------------------------------------- WHY ELVA DESERVE LC-A RUSSIAN DAY? Elva is my bff back in college time. His knowledge is very well. You can chitchat almost about anything with him. He just love to pleased everybody. He never say no, so I don't know if he will glad receive LC-A Russian Day or no, but when I snap him with his girlfriend now wife =D he said that Lomo camera is very cool. Oh, and his wife is now 5th month pregnant ^_^

  • I have no idea what for the grass is?

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    @ Cikole, Lembang, suburb above Bandung city, West Java, Indonesia, South East Asia -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10th rank of Most Popular User March 2013 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This photo was choosen as an illustration of the 7th rank of October 2012 Top Photo Commenters

  • フィッシュアイフォトワールド!

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  • Wavy sand

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  • Diana F+ with Wide Angle Lens

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    First try out with Diana Wide-Angle Lens

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    Redscale XR 50-200 rated as ISO 25.

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  • Swinburne weekend

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