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Like every year, the winter comes back... I don't know why but it's the period I choose to be kind of spleenfull and imaginationless... That's hard when you wanna make fun projects!

I feel like that old polaroid, totally yellow and without anything real coming out. But I know it’s not gonna stay too long. I don’t know how to deal with it… It’s every year the same… No inspiration, but want a lot of inspiration… Feels bad about that …

A new hope…

I think black and white pictures are gonna come for the winter… Colors left… How will I deal with that… I don’t know… I wanna create things… I thing I’m gonna check my second choices projects I never made cause they were not good enough at that moment:) When you lose inspiration, take back that second choice you had.

I think I need to thank MikahSupaGeek… It kinda helps me with his last blog article! It touches me that he wrote it thinking about the problems I told him. I hope our doubles projects will rocks man! Thanks a lot!

Thanks dude!

My last inspiration was for the square magazine contest… Wanna read it?
Here it is: “This year’s story is not about love between a boy and a girl.
This is about love between a boy and a girl through a camera!
Earlier this year, the girl gave a camera to the boy.
Since that day, the plastic camera never left him.
The camera was there, from the morning till the evening, catching everything the boy liked.
From Belgium to Canaries through France. From bed to holidays through parties.
His eyes were there telling the finger, the finger telling the camera that it was the right moment.
This is not a story about love… This is a story about loving pictures!
What the future will be? pictures telling love again!”

What do you think about that?
I’ll keep the pictures I sent secret for the moment!
And for that one I wanna thank my girlfriend… Superclochette! Without her maybe I would have never buy any lomo camera…

Have I already told you how I got my first lomo camera?

This was a morning… Not any morning but my birthday morning, I just turned 26 and there were that gift in a wonderful box… The Diana CMYK…. The seller told her that boys never choose that model… Because of the colors you know… And She said : " no problem for my boy… He loves that kind of things… " She was right… Like with her it was love at first sight… Only 4 years after I met her I felt in love again. That’s why she has so many portrait… She is linked to that camera. She is my main source of inspiration, my “muse”. Without her, no mojo!

eatcpcks님의 사진

I think the loop is done! My inspiration must come from her again :P
Too cool that she is there always for me!

written by eatcpcks


  1. mikahsupageek


    I'm glad my post was able to help my friend ! and yes I already know our upcoming double project will rock ! just need to find that green shirt and green beret and blue overalls, and a moustache ;)
    I also think that focusing on b/w during winter is a nice idea ! Go for it ! and like I told you earlier ! Don't overthink !

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  2. realmustache


    "without her, no mojo."

    i love it. i always have trouble gaining inspiration in the winter. i always try to write down some ideas for photo projects and then set them aside for when i'm feeling uninspired. i just started a photo series i hope will carry me through the winter

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  3. azzzy


    nicely written.

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