In honor of my grandmother s Birthday


Well today is a sad day it is my Grandmothers Birthday she would of turned 86 year old .
She and my grandfather pretty much raised me !

The photo shows three generations at Christmas dinner in 1981.Of course I dug up some analogue photos for this post .

I mother was a single mom and had to work 100% so I ended up living with my grandparents.
There was no daycare available back then in Switzerland especially in the little town we were living.
I lived with 3 of my four aunts the youngest is only 8 years older then me .She was just like my sister.I loved it all the people that were always around I was never lonely.
The house was abit out of town ,an old 100 year farmhouse with 2 acres to roam around in .I always played in the near by creek or in the old hay-den.


I am thank full to have had a happy childhood it could of been worse if my grandparents didn’t help my mother out.
I miss my grandmother every day she was full of wisdom ,she had all the answers to my questions.
So this blog post is to you "Mutti"{Mom in Swiss German}
Happy Birthday Mutti!!!

written by dyluzo on 2010-11-28


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