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Themed Projects for Analogues: Self-Portrait from Reflections

I was inspired by Adam Bronkhorst, author of Lens Flair, who creates projects with a particular theme that you can try yourself to take really interesting and varied images. Take a look at what I did after the jump!

Lomography x The Beth Edges: Colours Collide Rumble

For this rumble, we’ve joined forces with the band The Beth Edges. We’re looking for your best, most exciting analogue photos and LomoKino movies which you feel best capture the essence of their song ‘Colours Collide’. As well as great prizes, our best submissions could also be featured in an upcoming music video for the song! Read on for the full details.

Subscribe to Lomography Newsletters and Get Piggies Rumble

We unearthed a bunch of Piggy Points and decided to give them away while they're still fresh! So who do we give them to? Ten lucky Lomographers who are subscribed to the Lomography newsletter!

Sunset Strip: Wonderfully Unpredictable

Lomography's new emulsion, the Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip, brings new wonders and opportunities for the Lomography community. I can't wait to get my hands on more: it may be my new favorite film!

'Polarized' Canon Lens

"Bear" with us as we bring you some digital photography news because we can't resist sharing these funny/punny photos! When German photography duo Dieter & Marion dropped their 70-200mm 2.8 IS lens into a zoo exhibit, a polar bear attempted to "stabilize" its hunger by chewing on the Canon lens. Beware of bears!

Your Favorite Lomograph Rumble

We’re celebrating Lomography’s big 20th anniversary! And what sort of party would it be if it didn’t have a huge rumble for our very dear community members? Interested in finding out the full details and what sort of prizes we have lined up? Read after the jump for full details of our party competition! This is going to be huge!

Packed in like Nuri Sardines Rumble

Sardines might be packed in way too tight, but we're pretty sure that you can still find your way into squeezing in like them and grabbing a photo or two! The tighter the photo, the better the prize!

University of Coimbra
Medienhafen Düsseldorf
Island in the sun

The Story Behind ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’

You’ve seen these words on shirts, coffee mugs, posters, pins, and even oven mitts! Find out the story behind ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.

The Light Leak Game with Diana F+

You can never go wrong with Diana F+. A mistake which turned out into nice bursts of colors makes me want to do it more and more -- again and again. Leave your 120mm films for a while -- Let's move to 35mm, and enjoy the happy colors of the light leak.

Help Us Reach 15 Million Photo Likes on Lomography!

We are getting very close to having 15 million photo likes on Lomography and want you to help us reach the grand target. We’ll be giving away prizes for all kinds of milestones on the journey – there will be giveaways for our top photo likers, tantalizing prizes for those people who receive the most likes and all kinds of other rewards along the way too.

Square Format Tips: Diana Parallax or 'Off With His Head'!

The Queen of Hearts isn't the only one capable of beheading! Diana is another lady adept at it. Here are a couple of simple tips to help avoid the problem of chopping people's heads off.

Digital vs. Analogue Photos

When I was travelling, I tried to compare the photos taken by a digital camera and an original film camera, specifically an LC-A+. Why don't we play a little game by guessing which photos were taken by which camera? It's a face-off between the old and new!

Doubles! @atria007 + @awesomesther

Like It Like That! Rumble

Have you spotted interesting lately something like an article you enjoyed reading? Or maybe you’ve seen a photo of your Lomographic crush you totally adore and felt you’re obliged to click that ‘like’ button?

The Lomography Win Your Wishlist

Are you desiring something so badly in our Online Shop? Is it the LomoKino? The LC-Wide perhaps? A La Sardina sounds pretty neat, too!

Inch Chua, Singapore Singer/Songwriter & LomoAmigo Loves Analogue!

"Film photography is real and authentic, and that’s exactly how I want to be about my music as well." Inch Chua is one of Singapore’s most prominent indie singer-songwriters, did you also know that she's a big analogue fan? Let's get to know Inch better, check out her Fisheye photos and follow her analogue journey!

Meet Lomography Singapore Community Star #1: Lawypop

This month, we are turning the spotlight onto some of Singapore's most popular community members. Let's get to know them better, shall we? Meet Lawrence a.k.a. lawypop!

Laneway Festival

Meet the Lomography Singapore team!

Hi, we are the newly formed Lomography Singapore team. We would like you to know more about us, and vice versa. We are a small but cozy group of bandits and we would like to be your friends!

Paper Light Meter and Zombies

A (Lomo) prophecy is being fulfilled! In a zombie apocalyptic world, you will have to leave all the modern day comforts behind. Are you ready to say goodbye to electricity and battery-powered electronic automation? Paper Light Meter will help you get properly exposed shots until the end of days.

Pictures Inside My Head

What will happen when silhouette meets multi-exposure?

Give Your Diana a New Look!

Want to make your Diana even more special than it already is? Give it a refeshing new look with a new skin.