rolls 1 & 2, birthed from the russian bride..

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i won’t lie. i was a little disappointed when i got my first roll out of my new LUBITEL 166B. we didn’t know each other very well, and even worse, the spool got away from me when i was unloading and lightleaks got everywhere..

크레딧: dustbowlugly

a couple of frames survived, but i was still unsure if she was getting enough light. so naturally, i doubled up! in my mind, i was also making up for my lack of focusing abilities. “1.4 meters” is such an abstract number in my head.

크레딧: dustbowlugly

but all & all, her first roll came out like any typical test roll..

크레딧: dustbowlugly

and i couldn’t stay disappointed in her for long..the second roll came out a little sharper, a little clearer, a little more colorful as i started to understand all her quirks.

she was the guest of honor on new years!

크레딧: dustbowlugly

and bravely faced her first american snow (but only barely—i managed to break her self timer mechanism in a flurry of snowflakes! you’d figure a russian broad would be a little more resilient..)

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we’re starting to get very close..

크레딧: dustbowlugly

but the dogs are still absolutely unimpressed with mommy’s new obsession.

크레딧: dustbowlugly

and i’m still very much behind on catching up with all my lomofriend’s new year’s photos.. i’m so excited to find a couple hours and just dive in! thank you all for your support and love, and best wishes for the next 11 months in analogue!

written by dustbowlugly on 2011-01-18


  1. peropero
    peropero ·

    wow i didnt know you had so much snow in kansas!! :O

  2. dustbowlugly
    dustbowlugly ·

    once or twice a year we get a huuuuuuge snow dump! it's really pretty for about 20 minutes before it turns into yucky slush.