• i did it again

    shared by bloomchen on 2014-11-10

    i promised in the shoutbox that i will take a shot of this door one year after this shot was taken:

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  • Yo

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    Taller pintando con luz

  • Lollapalooza Day 2

    shared by peropero on 2012-04-11

    Another sunny and hot day at this amazing music festival. On day 2 I saw Foster The People, Friendly Fires, Band of Horses, MGMT and Foo Fighters. I set the camera to iso 200 as this film tends to get overexposed with x-pro and it turned out gu-reeeeen!

  • Fashion photography competition

    shared by peropero on 2012-03-01

    So, this big store here came up with this competition where the people would make the photos for their new look book. 9384398434 people showing off their super expensive equipment and me, the only one using a film camera. I will probably get disqualified for the competition due to 'excessive photoshop' but that's fine, I didnt really shoot for them, I shot for myself. I love fashion photography and could just not lose this opportunity to take pictures of real models. (I know I messed up cutting some feet here and hands there. Sorry.)

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  • Lubitel Provia Girl & Graffiti

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    Lubitel Lovin' on 35mm

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