A NEW need for SPEED!

Shooting 800 speed film is not so scary after all. A few days ago I shot a roll of Lomography Color 800 in my Konica U Mini – a 35mm point-n-shoot film camera from the 90’s that sports a 28mm wide angle lens. The camera has a maximum auto ISO setting of 400, so using 800 speed film was a gamble because I almost never push or pull film. The day was extremely overcast with no hope of sun but I went out anyway. The U Mini did well under the conditions, I was pleasantly shocked at the results. The camera has a built-in automatic flash that can’t be turned off, but the flash only needed to fired once or twice during the entire roll. Lomography Color 800 film produces wonderfully vivid images, I was in love with the results. Saturated colors, grain and sharpness when needed, plenty of vignetting – 800 speed film is my new choice for shooting late in the day – where have I been all this time! I can’t wait to shoot 800 speed film in my Hasselblad.

Credits: dred242

written by dred242 on 2012-11-01