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The Spice Girls Spoofing Each Other On A Checkerboard Roofdeck

If you wanna be my LomoLover, you gotta get with the Spice Girls. Spice up your life and check out today's Overly Descriptive Title photos!

Thougths - First Lubitel 166+ roll

The World in 360º

Learn how to make a round Spinner in 6 simple steps with this tutorial!

Birds in your stomach
Dolphin Sky
from utrecht to germany
Shadows SubH2O
night shot at Trafalgar square
London undeground

Meet the Staff of Lomography UK!

Introducing the lovely faces of our Lomography UK Stores! Find out a little bit more about the staff that help you with all your Lomographic needs! Based in London and Manchester this chirpy bunch guide you through everything analogue and host a mean party too!

spring with velvia 50 ... great film for a wonderful time of the year ..

Happy Accident: Mulitple Exposures with the LC-Wide

One of our Gallery Store regulars and Lomographer extraordinaire, Koduckgirl, shares her accidental awesomeness with the LC-Wide and multiple exposure wonder. You can see some of her work upstairs in our "Hella Locals" Gallery Show until the end of September.

My Lomography

Expired is Always Beautiful in Film

You would either love it, hate it, or even be scared of it! For the uncertainty expired film can give is always a big surprise for us Lomographers!

1st Contributors lomowalk

James Franco Channels His Inner Cindy Sherman

Hollywood actor and all-around thespian James Franco delivers a series of Cindy Sherman-inspired self-portraits as part of an exhibition in the CoSTUME NATIONAL store in SoHo in New York.

Now you can have Straps in your Sprocket Rocket!

Have you ever wanted to put a strap on your Sprocket Rocket and find out there's no right place to put it? I tried to place a strap at the bottom of the Sprocket (in the eye that screws into the tripod) but that just didn't work for me as the camera would hang upside down and that's not cool. So I came up with this idea to put elastics around the body of the Sprocket and then clip the 2 sides of the strap there. Simple.

DIY Splitzer for the Sprocket Rocket!

Since the wonderful lomography community has yet to come up with an official Splitzer for the Sprocket Rocket, I decided to make my own version! Take a look at how I made it and what the resulting photos are like after the jump!

Tipster of the Week: Nip, Cut and Pop

If you're blown away with his application of Anaglyphs, Cross Eyed Stereograms, and such in Lomography, Gvelasco is back again! But this time, he managed to create effects by neatly butchering his camera.

Rainbow Love

St. Petersburg in Pictures

Welcome to St. Petersburg, city of the Hermitage, Peterhof and the golden-domed Saint Isaac's Cathedral. Find out what lomographers chose to snap in this Russian city right after the jump.

Splitzer Technique: The Timezone

The Splitzer is a great tool for taking control of your shots. Now, you can also start taking control of time! Find out how after the jump!

Birthday Walk
Tofina's birthday party

LomoAmigo: Hitting the Streets with Kidacne!

Ed is an illustrator and graffiti artist who uses bright, bold colours and lines to create huge pieces that can be seen dotted around various locations from Paris to Preston. He is also a musician who releases work under his own label "Invisible Spies." With so much going on we couldn’t resist making him our LomoAmigo and finding out a bit more about the man behind the can.

Victoria Baths April 2011
Victoria Baths April 2011
Victoria Baths April 2011
Victoria Baths April 2011