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The Comment Your Caption Rumble: Be the Best in Black and White Winners Announcement

The captions were overwhelming but we sure had a lot of fun reading them!

Meet the Pros: Viviana Peretti on Analogue, Digital and her life as a Professional Photographer

A well-traveled photographer, Viviana Peretti is now based in New York and still likes to shoot analogue. Read on to find out more about her philosophy towards photography, what her favorite film is and to see a gallery of her impressive Holga photography.

Your Best X-Pro Shot Rumble

We just reached an incredible milestone: we've recently received a whopping 500,000 likes on Facebook! Take part in this historic occasion as we hold a little contest to get your shot on our cover page!

Amazing! Gakkenflex!
Amazing! Gakkenflex!
Amazing! Gakkenflex!
Amazing! Gakkenflex!
Amazing! Gakkenflex!

Fuji Repackages Films And Raises Prices

Fujifilm Corporation recently redesigned the boxes for their line of 35mm films but also announced a substantial price increase in all professional photographic emulsions. Is it on its way to demise like Kodak?

How To Reload an old Agfa Rapid Cartridge With 35mm Film

Rapid was Agfa’s reply to Kodak’s instantly popular Instamatic. Cameras are still widely available on the cheap, but the film rolls have become rare and precious. No problem: revive your Rapid camera in five minutes with this easy tutorial.

Doubles with Flowers: The Flower Power!

Back to Flower Power without heading back to the 60´s. Take a look and see how can you make your lover or your boring photos turning into blooming and beautiful life. Right after the jump!

Invisible Artist Liu Bolin Shows You How To Hide

Magicians never spill the secrets to their hat tricks. While Liu Bolin is no sorcerer, the Chinese artist is a visual wizard known for skillfully camouflaging himself into cityscapes. Here, the invisible man demonstrates his disappearing act for viewers.

Three Tips for Nature Photography: Nature is Everywhere

You may think nature photography is only for those who live in spactacular surroundings and sunny climates, or can afford to travel there. Think again! Anyone can take gorgeous nature pictures, no matter where they live

A Useful Tip: The Sunny 16 Rule

When we have no light meter, when we have one but forgotten at home, when we do not know how to use it and when we did not download the app, or do not have smartphone: The Sunny 16 Rule is our salvation!

Stratski's Creative Corner: the Janus Cam

Janus was a two faced Roman god. A fitting name for a camera that exposes film from both sides. And the beauty is: you can easily make a Janus cam yourself!

Second-Hand Shopping: Kodak Colorburst 50

Let me tell you about having a play with an old Kodak Colourburst 50 after some second-hand shopping.

The World's Only Life-Size Walk-In Camera Needs Your Support

Do you enjoy photo booths? How does the idea of a photo booth sound that not only takes a picture of your face but captures your whole body? Well, there is exactly one analogue booth in the world that can do just that and the daughter of its designer is looking for people ready to back her idea of making the life-size photo booth mobile and taking it around the world.

I’m Not There: The Reflection of Shadow

Barcelona photographer PoL Úbeda Hervàs published an album named "I'm Not There" consisting of a series of portraits. Interestingly, the object of the portraits are merely a shadow with a pair of shoes.

Best Usage of your Films

A few tips on what films to use and the best conditions to use them.

Lomography's 2014 Analogue Calendar: January

2013 has just started but we at Lomography are already looking ahead to an awesome year ahead, and we want you guys' help!

Made for Each Other: LC-Wide and the Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 35mm

The most impressive effect I have ever seen on my pictures is when I have used the Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 (35mm) film and my LC-Wide. It is the combination that has given me the most spectacular double exposures. And now my LC-Wide's heart is broken as the film is completely out of stock...

Long Exposures in Redscale

As I had only used redscale film once before, on a sunny day, and it came out under-exposed, I was a bit worried about trying night shots with it. I was pleasantly surprised...

Lomo Cameras Caught in Security X-ray!

Have you ever wondered what the security officer behind the X-ray machine sees in your bags? How do they determine the materials based on the images on their X-ray screen? Put on your X-ray glasses and find out!

Stratski with her Trousers Down

It stays mysterious, the people 'behind' Lomography. Who actually edits the sent in pieces on lomography.nl? And who translates their butts off in trade for loads of piggies? During this series, Dutch Lomography Magazine editors and translators will be with their trousers down.

The Comment Your Caption Rumble

We had it before and we're having it again! I know you know what this is so get those creative tag lines coming!

Toro Y Moi Guitarist Jordan and an Analogue Life on Tour

Listeners of chillwave and electronic music sure have heard of Toro Y Moi. Formed in 2007, its main man Chaz Bundick has released three studio albums that gained enough attention not only from the media but from various audiences as well.

My 2013 Analogue Bucket List: I Would Like to Have Some Hard-to-Find Cameras

I started with the analogue photography and lomography just one year ago. I have collected 38 different cameras. I am missing only other 3 cameras. They are HARD TO FIND!