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Warning!!!! Lomography may cost you your trousers!

I don't think that Lomography could be described as an extreme sport but there have been a few scary or embarassing moments. Like the time the whole of the Vicotia line saw my bare arse!

It was just a normal day (These stories always start out like this) just on my regular journey into work on the tube. I take the Victoria line from Kings Cross to Victoria every morning and the train can get a bit crowded, as some of you may know.

I was thinking about what pictures I could take as part of a series I was putting together on the theme of Transport while I was standing at the back of the tube carriage. I thought a good shot would be to place the camera on the floor of the tube train and take a picture looking right down to the other end of the carriage. Good in theory but in practise the carriage was packed and it wasn’t going to work.

Ever ready for a photo opportunity I held my Olympus XA2 in my hand as at each stop more and more people got off. The carriage was clearing and at the penultimate stop I could finally see the whole length of the carriage was clear. Here I go, I thought, and wound the film on set the focus to infinity and squatted down to take the shot from the floor of the carriage.

RRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! My trousers then split from front to back with a loud and very obvious noise.

This being London, most people on the train didn’t even acknowledge my embarrassment apart from one commuter who snorted and choked as he tried to hold back his laughter.

Well the photo is shown below. I hope you think it was worth it.

I had to walk down Victoria station with a huge hole in my trousers, arse showing, trying to cover it with my work bag until I was able to get to M&S and buy a new pair.

Let me know if you have had any embarrassing Lomography tales or if you have risked life and limb for that special shot.


Photo by discodrew

written by discodrew


  1. squamy


    Oh no! How we suffer for our art hey! Hehe. Lovely shot though and great story :)

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  2. recurving


    I wanna see a shot of you in the trousers… :)

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  3. photohuggers


    good shot, great story!

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  4. discodrew


    @recurving Unfortunately the CCTV images were destroyed due to them contravening decency laws.

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  5. adi_totp


    :D great story!

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  6. shoujoai


    Haha ;D

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  7. odjur


    Hahah at least it's a great shot :)

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  8. herbert-4


    Nice photo!! Just remember what Elvis Presley's tailor, Hyman Gruskin told him, "I make these pants any tighter, not just your sex they'll show, but your religion!"

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  9. yochan


    Sorry, but it's a funny story : D

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  10. spoeker


    bwahahahahaha- but yeah it was worth it :)

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  11. stouf



    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  12. erinwoodgatesphotography


    great shot! definitely worth it! I work in a portrait studio and I've gone through my fiar share of trousers as well with quick movements getting clients posed etc!

    over 3 years ago · report as spam
  13. discodrew


    @erinwoodgatesphotography Glad it's not only me! ha ha

    Thanks everybody for taking the time to read and rate my blog!

    over 3 years ago · report as spam