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  • Famous 5 Sculpture

    Famous 5 Sculpture
    Here are some women you can look up to and not just because they're taller than you. In 1929, Emily Murphy, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby, and Nellie McClung fought for the recognition of women as persons under the British North America Act (in Canada). Though the "Persons' Case" was their most significant achievement, these five women dedicated their lives to improving their communities in innumerable ways, serving to instill a spirit of strength and leadership that could be drawn upon for years to come.
  • Family of Man Sculpture

    Family of Man Sculpture
    Big naked people. Need I say more? Nearly a dozen giant naked people greeted me on the grounds of the Calgary Education Centre. Their indistinct genitals notwithstanding, the 21-foot humans - men, women, and children - represent a family of sorts.
  • Ansco Shur-Flash Medium Format Box Camera

    Ansco Shur-Flash Medium Format Box Camera
    Sometimes, that lovely old box camera on the shelf in the used bookstore/coffee shop works better than you think. This vintage Ansco was surprising, and I mean that in a good way.
  • Give 'em the Bird

    Give 'em the Bird
    A test roll of Rollei Crossbird (35mm, 200iso) in a Superheadz Golden Half yields some bright and happy faces...
  • Capital Ex

    Capital Ex
    Winter is a great time to remember summer, is it not? What is it about this annual exhibition that inspires my love/hate relationship with crowds and cotton candy? If you're a bit confused on what I'm talking about, here's a look at Capital Ex - an annual festival that we get to enjoy - or not, every July.
  • My Original Diana

    My Original Diana
    I'm a sucker for toy camera deals. I go weak in the knees when I find a decent camera selection in an antique market. But I'm a certifiable lunatic for affordable working vintage toy cameras, and it's discoveries like this Original Diana that motivate me to keep searching and collecting.
  • Hoodoos?

    Unusual rock formations are always appealing to me and my camera arsenal. Join me as I check out the Hoodoos! They rise out of the canyon walls all around the Drumheller valley; giant mushroom pillars of rock clinging to the flaky clay slopes. They are a magnet for tourists with expensive cameras and spoiled children.
  • The View from the Pool at the Hyatt Regency Calgary

    The View from the Pool at the Hyatt Regency Calgary
    the 18th floor of the Hyatt Regency Calgary has two things that I found appealing. A pool, and a great view of downtown Calgary.
  • Star Mine Suspension Bridge

    Star Mine Suspension Bridge
    A non-dinosaur related tourist attraction in the Drumheller badlands, Walk across, walk back. This is one of those under-sanitized tourist attractions. No admission fee. No guides or guards. No fence to draw the line between touring and trespassing.
  • The Bridges to Wayne, Alberta

    The Bridges to Wayne, Alberta
    This is a story of crossing eleven bridges in 6 kilometres and discovering the hamlet of Wayne - population 27. Wayne is a hamlet in the Canadian province of Alberta. Once home to thousands of coal miners and residents who worked in support of this industry, now home to 27, according to the changeable sign near the saloon.
  • Chicago vs. Lake Michigan

    Chicago vs. Lake Michigan
    It seemed like a good morning for a walk on the long uninterrupted waterfront here in windy Chicago. The cold spray was unanticipated, but the feeling that we came away with after sharing the moving, wet expanse was definitely worth it.
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    On a quick trip through three of America's big cities, I had to hit an art museum in each one. In Chicago it was the Art Institute, in New York I only had time for MoMA, and in Boston I soaked up everything I could at the Museum of Fine Arts.
  • The Art of Waiting's Old School Analogue Wet Chemistry Dip 'n' Dunk Photobooth Contest

    The Art of Waiting's Old School Analogue Wet Chemistry Dip 'n' Dunk Photobooth Contest
    Do you love some good ol' fashioned nearly instant analogue vintage photography? Do you love a chance to make something creative and maybe even win something for your effort? Who doesn't? Check out the Art of Waiting's summer photobooth contest...
  • The View from The Staten Island Ferry, NYC

    The View from The Staten Island Ferry, NYC
    Our 48 hour tour of New York City demanded a view of the Statue of Liberty, even if we didn't have the time to get to see that famous little island up close. When I heard that the Staten Island Ferry was a free 40 minute round trip, I knew we couldn't miss it.
  • Shoot From the Kid - Hand over your camera!

    Shoot From the Kid - Hand over your camera!
    There's this old adage that children see things unlike adults do, that they view the world on a completely different level. Lomographer and proud father dirklancer decides to take on an experiment and gather empirical evidence that proves this theory once and for all.
  • Top of the Rock

    Top of the Rock
    There are taller buildings in New York City, but the view from here is not to be missed. Besides, you can't see the Empire State Building from the top of the Empire State Building. If you want to see all of New York at once, go to 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
  • Impossible Project NYC

    Impossible Project NYC
    I was only in New York for less than two days; I knew it was going to be impossible to see everything that I wanted to see. You could say that figuring out what to see in what order was a kind of impossible project.
  • Central Camera Company, Chicago

    Central Camera Company, Chicago
    In the shadow of the L train on South Wabash Avenue in the famous "Loop" stands an old school camera shop that has been there since 1899.
  • The View From The Blue Line

    The View From The Blue Line
    I was at a conference for a few days near the O'Hare airport. Like a lot of large cities, Chicago's airport is quite a trip from downtown Chicago, and thrifty travelers know the best way from O'Hare to downtown is on the Blue Line.
  • Saskatchewan Tourist Information - Summer Road Trip 2009 - Lomostop #23

    Saskatchewan Tourist Information - Summer Road Trip 2009 - Lomostop #23
    By now you know my story: July 2009, 8000 km road trip, 3 generations, 1 van. Crazy? Yes. Lomographically limited? In no way whatsoever! I took along 10 cameras and 40 rolls of film. We passed through 10 American states and 3 Canadian provinces, and enjoyed the open skies of Saskatchewan...but only for as long as absolutely necessary.