Dreams Come True--Dio's New/Old Love, the Agfa Isolette I

I first found the camera of my dreams browsing Etsy. A dangerous place, you know, for anyone who love stuff. It wasn’t until I laid eyes on the Agfa Isolette I, on a shop I frequent. The body was in beautiful condition, and the price was right ($56.00 plus shipping? BARGAIN!). The moment I saw it took 120, my fav film size, I knew I had to have her.

It was a little daunting, not knowing whether or not the gods had been kind, and she was still light-proof after all these years, but I took a chance, loaded up a roll of Ilford and rolled the dice.

크레딧: diomaxwelle

I lost my first roll by improperly unloading the film (totally my bad), but I just loaded her up again and said my prayers (and memorized the manual, just to be safe). You can’t imagine my joy when I came to pick up my roll and in the box where they tally how many scans I got out of my roll proclaimed “12”. Did I really bat .1000 and get everything I shot?

크레딧: diomaxwelle

I nearly was in tears. One my my dreams, owning and being able to use an antique camera was finally realized. There are a lot of things I still need to iron out (remembering what 10 feet is, since the focusing ring is stuck on 10), I’m more than overjoyed I now have a new baby to adore and lavish attention.

크레딧: diomaxwelle

The results of the roll can be found in the album here:

written by diomaxwelle on 2012-07-23