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    shared by sirio174 on 2012-12-15

    Campionati giovanili e juniores di pattinaggio di figura su ghiaccio a Casate, fotografati in luce ambiente con pellicole Ilford HP5+ tirate a 1600, 3200 e 6400 ISO!

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    shared by minty_ on 2015-03-13

    I shot this roll at ISO 500 and even overexposed some of the photos according to the light meter. Yet still, they look underexposed :/

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    Some more LCA 120 pictures in and around the brand new "Musée des Confluences" in Lyon

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  • Nion FM3a - Nikon Analog at it’s Best.

    written by lomomanolo on 2009-08-31 in #reviews
    Nion FM3a - Nikon Analog at it’s Best.

    The FM3a is the last film SLR designed by Nikon, back in 2001. It is an hybrid camera, which features a complete set of detailed manual controls with a few extras like an automatic aperture priority mode and the possibility to do TTL (Through The Lens) automatic flash photography. It can do just about anything, including multiple exposures. it's rugged, and it's fully operational lifetime is measured in decades, not years!!

  • Mexican Swine FluMadness!

    shared by lomomanolo on 2009-05-25

    I felt ashamed as a mexican for all the reaction all over the world against Mexico when the swine flu started! Actaully we live 40 km from where it was first reported!

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