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Self Portraits - Fun with Instax Mini!

If you're like me and love taking self portraits, this article is for you! Read my tips after the jump!


How to Build a Photography Project

One great thing to do in photography, and, in my opinion, even better in analogue photography, is to create a photography project. Projects are only themes, that may or not be followed by specific features. For example "pictures of securities" or "pictures of luxury shops securities".

Peace, You Dog

US CitySlicker Hope: Tied to the Music

Tired of your earphones getting in knots? A few knots more and your plain cords will become a knotless rainbow!

Avoid Dust and Watermarks on Your Negatives

Did you get your first film developed on your own? It must have been a great feeling to see the images developing right in front of your eyes! But did you have dust and watermarks stuck on the negatives? Read this article to find out how to avoid them.

Film Processing Quick Tips

To avoid simple mistakes that almost every newbies does when developing film at home, here are a couple of tips and tricks! Make sure you read these first before you start your film processing session.

Crack The Code with kylethefrench

All too often we wonder how some of our fellow Lomographers achieve super-fantastic otherwordly results. Thanks to Crack The Code, they reveal their secrets for everyone to appreciate their great technique and fantasy but also to try out for themselves. Let's see how kylethefrench achieved this great shot.

(Horizon) Perfectly Lemonaded

Hey kittens! Getting colder? Time to have some mulled wine but there is there still lemonade in granny's fridge? Drink it little by little or just leave it till the end of the week when the sun is bright like its summer again.

Tips for Analogue Travelers

Are you presently planning any trips, whether a quick adventure or a long-term journey? Is that a yes? Well, I thought of whipping up a tipster for all you fellow analogue travelers out there. Read on and see if you find them useful!

Colorize your Photos with an Energy Drink!

Do you want your photos to look extraordinary? Do you want to find something new? Then get your energy drink from the nearby grocery and add your photos Smurf's Blue flecks!

Making the Most of Autumn Photography

Fall is nearly upon us, so it’s the perfect time to start brushing up on your autumn photography skills to make the most of those beautiful oranges, reds and browns. Hopefully, these five quick steps will set you up for a productive season of photography.

A 10 Step Guide to Superb Minimalist Photography

Whether you're someone who wants to venture into a new photographic technique or someone far along into minimalist photography, you might want to read through this very informative and inspirational article from PhotoTuts+ author Simon Bray.

My first attempt at DIY Redscale
My first attempt at DIY Redscale
Moscow Trip. Autumn 2011

Multiple Exposures with Flowers!

The Multiple Exposure (MX) technique is one method to create some of the most unique photos know to Lomographers! We all love MX, but what are the techniques? Flowers are my favorite subject for MX. I often mix them with landscapes, old factories, trees and so on. Now, let's take a look at how we can create those wonderful images!

My First Roll of Film
Playing with doubles at Highdown gardens
Playing with doubles at Highdown gardens