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  • To Delete or Not to Delete

    To Delete or Not to Delete
    When a turning point comes in life, seasons are left behind and new ones begin. Photos outlast those transitions, but are always best to keep around in memorium? In our electronic age, even our film photos are posted as pixels and online images. Thus comes the question, "To Delete, or Not to Delete?"
  • My Very First Analogue Wedding Experience

    My Very First Analogue Wedding Experience
    Shooting weddings have always been a dream of mine, something I only imagined a lucky few do, not including me. But when I had the spur-of-the-moment opportunity to shoot a friend's cousin's wedding at the beach, I immediately jumped at the chance! Analogue just adds a special touch to this already magical event.
  • Sherwoods Beach, Hawaii

    Sherwoods Beach, Hawaii
    Fine sand, deep blue waters, and gorgeous sunny days - all make up the description of Sherwoods Beach, in Waimanalo, Hawaii. Can you imagine relaxing on cloud-like, fluffy sand, as the shoreline gently breaks in a melodic rhythm, singing you to sleep?
  • (Accidentally) Seeing Double: Bokeh and Redscale

    (Accidentally) Seeing Double: Bokeh and Redscale
    Accidental doubles are simply the best -- nothing beats the unexpected treasures that can fuse together without the photographer's knowledge! Here is my experience with double exposures, computer shots, tea time, redscale, and surprises.
  • Kapahulu Safeway: A Cheap Foodie's Dream

    Kapahulu Safeway: A Cheap Foodie's Dream
    When it comes to food, choices, and convenience, Safeway can't be beat. The Kapahulu location in Honolulu, Hawaii is especially known for its large interior space and luxurious food offerings. My inner foodie absolutely adores this place!
  • Waikiki Resort Hotel

    Waikiki Resort Hotel
    Where better to have a fancy birthday party than at a hotel in the iconic city of Waikiki, Hawaii? One of the most memorable hotels I've visited in this bustling tourist-run city is the Waikiki Resort Hotel.
  • Manifest Cafe & Bar

    Manifest Cafe & Bar
    Manifest is a cafe by day and a bar/club by night. The venue is known for its extremely sleek and modern interior, as well as their commitment to promoting local art on its walls. A fantastic place to sit and drink an espresso.
  • Tea At 1024

    Tea At 1024
    This irresistibly cute teahouse in the Chinatown area of Oahu is simply too adorable to pass up! Whether you are a girly girl or just wanting to relax and enjoy some quality tea, Tea At 1024 is the place to be.
  • One with Nature: MX at the Beach!

    One with Nature: MX at the Beach!
    It's difficult to be focused on the lookout for good photo ops...when you're relaxing and complete at ease at the beach. However, sometimes, those perfect double exposures just happen magically, and showcases the magnificent beauty of nature - double time!
  • Diamond Head Lighthouse

    Diamond Head Lighthouse
    For some reason, lighthouses are just simply beautiful. Perhaps it's due to the significance behind a beacon of light or perhaps, it's the sheer size and shape that just sticks out from its surroundings. Diamond Head Lighthouse is no exception.
  • Mariner's Ridge

    Mariner's Ridge
    A perfect place to relax, enjoy the vast scenery, and...have a Lomo photoshoot!
  • The Amazing (Analogue) Spiderman!

    The Amazing (Analogue) Spiderman!
    This summer blockbuster is more than just fun excitement and action! In the movie, there are many shots of Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) using and holding onto his beloved film cameras. Check out the analogue goodness on The Amazing Spiderman (2012)!
  • Dole Plantation

    Dole Plantation
    Having lived in Oahu my entire life, it's amazing that I've never visited the iconic Dole Plantation on the North Shore. I always figured there must not be much to see...
  • North Shore Secret Beach

    North Shore Secret Beach
    Living on an island has its many pluses - this includes the plethora of beaches to explore. Sometimes this allows us to stumble upon secret beaches, locations that aren't known by many. So take a look and get to know my favorite North Shore secret beach!
  • Kailua Beach: Serene Summer

    Kailua Beach: Serene Summer
    The plain truth is that summer vacation calls for beach days. Kailua Beach is a beautiful location in Oahu, Hawaii, that captures the laid back feel of the islands. Soft sand, blue skies, light breezes...
  • Lubitel's Trip to Tantalus Lookout

    Lubitel's Trip to Tantalus Lookout
    Shooting my first roll of medium format film in my Lubitel 166+ needed a special location. I took it to Tantalus, in downtown Honolulu, where the Lubitel really captured amazing views from this mountainous location.
  • Hilltops Above Kaka'ako

    Hilltops Above Kaka'ako
    Ever wanted to feel on top of the world? Well, I've found the best getaway with the most fantastic scenery - on top of the gigantic hill in Kaka'ako Waterfront Beach Park. Thanks to Lomography, this awesome community, and the film bug, I'm constantly on the lookout for new, unexpected hidden gems around Hawaii to write new location articles for!
  • Bonfires at Kokokahi

    Bonfires at Kokokahi
    Camping has never been a huge deal to me, but when my church planned a women's retreat to the YWCA in Kaneohe, Hawaii, I knew I was ready for a great time! And as predicted, Camp Kokokahi did not disappoint.
  • Du Vin: Part Deux, Wide-Angle Style

    Du Vin: Part Deux, Wide-Angle Style
    My absolute favorite restaurant in all of downtown Honolulu: Brasserie Du Vin. Now that it's summer, my friends and I have taken a visit back to where all the magic happens, and I brought along my LC-A+ with its new wide angle lens to capture all the beautiful decor.
  • Sunrise at Lanikai Beach

    Sunrise at Lanikai Beach
    Lanikai Beach has been named as one of the world's best beaches - and rightly so. But the best time of day to see this majesty beach? At sunrise.