LC-Wide vs LC-A+ & Wide Angle Lens


Read my comparison here (excuse the external link, it on my blog which makes my findings / comparison photos display nicely)

written by dazb on 2011-08-26


  1. lucyeve
    lucyeve ·

    Good on you, getting so many piggy points for the LC-A wide! I'm on a similar quest for a lubitel...

  2. lyndxe
    lyndxe ·

    thanks for the detailed comparison! i was wondering about this myself - i just recently made the jump and got an LC-A+ (Russia Day Edition), and was wondering if i should bother investing in the wide-angle lens or just go straight for the LC-A Wide. the only benefit i can see for getting the wide angle lens is that you can (supposedly) use it on the old Werra Mat cameras (of which i am considering purchasing in the future). either way, great stuff!