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Meet Malaysia's LomoCouple #3: Faisal_aziz and Dellia

They share the same interest, therefore they get to know each other from a local Lomography community 4 years back then. They are match made from heaven! Read more about their love stories after the jump!

Interview with Photographer Benjamin McPherson Ficklin

University student Benjamin McPherson Ficklin is busy exhibiting, interviewing, and spreading his love for analogue photography by virtue of his own determination. As you'll read and discover, from his lengthy responses in our interview, he's all about exploring the full potential of this, as well as a list of other, forms of expression.

Love at First Lomo: Falling in Love with Diana Mini

Story how I got charmed by my Diana Mini, Love is in the Air edition and how we spend our moments together. Read on to know more about my analogue love.

Love at First Lomo: My Trusty Fisheye No. 2

We all have that one camera that lead us to the addiction that is Lomography. Here's my story about that one camera.

A Brief Infroduction to Australian Slang

Though you may think Australia's official language is English it isn't. Australia has no official language, English is the national language de facto. We wanted to highlight 'Australian English' as it's a variety of English, different from British and American English, by introducing you to some awesome Aussie slang!

Photo Project Empowers Abuse Victims

Photography student Grace Brown is based in New York City and is pursuing her dream. What's unique about Grace is her subject matter and the powerful project she's created. 'Unbreakable' is her latest endeavor and is half user generated. It is a powerful, ongoing, series in which sexual abuse victims share their stories or often just a single quote spoken by their attacker.

Newcomer of the Week: Jkz_jkz

Ever since that fateful encounter with the La Sardina camera – while she was on the other side of the globe, it gave her the most impressive images of her life, no wonder it’s her favourite!

Larry Clark, As Realistic As He Can Be

I have learned about Larry Clark through his movies. I first saw his movie 'Kids' way back in college. My friends and I were so moved with it, we searched for more of his works. Then, discovered that he was a photographer first before venturing to movie directing. Thus, the fascination on this man.

Honestly, Dimitri Karakostas Is Expecting More

The young-blooded analogue photographer, Dimitri Karakostas, has been taking photographs of the skateboarding subculture since he was a teen. In this interview with him, you'll find out who he dreams of taking a portrait of, why he prefers analogue over digital, and many more...

Yousuf Karsh: Portrait Photographer Extraordinaire

Yousuf Karsh, 1908-2002, a Canadian photographer of Armenian birth, was one of the world’s best known portraitists of his time. Although he shot practically everyone from Indira Gandhi to Humphrey Bogart, his most famous portrait was that of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, which he took in 1941.

Shomei Tomatsu: 11:02 Nagasaki

In his career as a photographer, Shomei Tomatsu has shot many powerful images, documenting post-war Japan. One of his most famous series of photographs was a selection of photos he shot of Nagasaki following the bombing. He charted not only the still present damage to the city itself but through dramatic black and white photographs the scars on the human victims of the bomb.

The Kino Goes Vertigo!

Say you want to make a movie starring your statuesque friend, or maybe feature jawdropping skyscrapers in your LomoKino movie. Why not flip your camera and shoot vertically?

My Friend Adrian Gilliam

I met Adrian, a.k.a. nation_of_pomation here on Lomography.com. It was kind of funny I guess... both of us had not one, but TWO interviews chosen by Lomography for the "Top 10 Interviews with a Photographer" series. Conversation ensued in our LomoHomes, and honestly, his photographs inspired a noob-head like me and gave me tons of ideas for my own shooting!

Remembering Eve Arnold

The celebrated Eve Arnold, photographer of both the stars, and the common-man, passed away last week. She was close to 100, and her long career spanned half her life. The first woman to join Magnum, Arnold accomplished many feats during her career, which we can only attempt to highlight in this article.

Famous Art Remade into Photographs

Look what we've found! A UK based photo competition asked students to recreate/reinterpret famous works of art in photograph form. It's called 'The Booooooom + Adobe Remake photo project' and took place last year. Though it's over, the submissions galley was astounding, and we just had to share them with you!

Stop. Point. Shoot. The Art of Street Photography Workshop Photos

Lomographers hit the pavement to capture all the action during a street photography workshop.

Lomography Gallery Store Singapore Proudly Introduces the Lomolab!

Have you been looking for photo labs to develop your films? Has it been a hassle to develop your Sprocket Rocket, LomoKino, or Spinner 360 shots? Well, we can process all of them here at Lomography Gallery Store Singapore! View details after the break...

Haroshi's Wood Art

Tokyo-based artist Haroshi does amazing woodwork. Utilizing broken skateboard decks and other parts to create fine wooden sculptures. Let's check some of his art after the jump.

Fisheye No. 2 in NZ Fashion Quarterly Summer Edition

This seasons Fashion Quarterly (New Zealand Edition) asks Santa for a Lomography Fisheye 2.

Tomasz Gudzowaty's Portraits of Awesome Athleticism

Beautifully captured photos that depict almost superhuman abilities. Polish photographer Tomasz Gudzowaty likes to travel the world in search of practitioners of various martial arts, acrobatics, and other non-mainstream sports. Photos after the jump.

Ceramic Skulls: Predictive Dream Series

Japanese sculptor Katsuyo Aoki uses ceramic as a medium to create her one-of-a-kind pieces. For her series ‘Predictive Dream’, she created various skulls with intricate details.

LomoPeople Malaysia: Eastmoe

A great and talented lomographer, Eastmoe or his real name is Iskandar Ahmad Rodzai. I was reminded that the main reason I love lomography is because of him as he inspired me to immortalize the precious moment in a unique way.

Junku Nishimura: The Midnight Boozer with a Leica M5

Tokyo-based street photographer Junku Nishimura takes beautiful and nostalgic black & white photos using a Leica M5. Let's take a look a these snapshots and how they reflect his personality and passion for photography.

Horoji Kubota: Far East Photographer

Horoji Kubota is a Japanese photographer who lived in the United States but eventually went back to his homeland to revisit his roots. Learn more about him and see his work after the break.

To Photo Or Not To Photo...

The scenes in these photographs are ones that everyone can't help but replicate. With the excess of photos out there, of landscapes, and shots of yourself from above, we may want to tone down the excessive taking of these pictures! Then again, if there's a twitch in your finger, there's no stopping you!

Korea in Kodachrome

In 1955, engineer Michael King was sent to Korea for his national service. While he was there, he was able to document the lives of the citizens after the war. Take a look at some of his Kodachrome photos after the jump.

Top 5 Cameras on My 2012 Bucket List

Having three analogue cameras of my own already, is that enough? No of course it isn't! The journey doesn't end at just 5 cameras! Check out my analogue bucket list for 2012.

Interview with Artistic Leporellos Artist Jürgen Fetz

Graffiti artist, painter, illustrator and, above all, creative mind, Jürgen Fetz is the creator of 'Holy Mafia'. He also works with mixed media, taking his graffiti art from the streets as inspiration for his creations on canvas. In this interview find out what inspires this artist, and be inspired by his words of wisdom!

The Analogue Reader: The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree

Are you in need of a stylish read? "The Vintage Tea Party Book" embraces the style and class of the trendy London Vintage scene and illustrates how to beautifully recreate the tasty treats and classic styles at home.

Making a Miniature Diana F+

Ever thought about buying a cute little Diana F + keychain? Why not try and make one by yourself from a cool material called polymer clay! Learn the steps after the jump.

Make Your Own Photo Coasters

Show off your photos, or give them as a gift, with your own DIY photo coasters!

Viewfinder From a Disposable Film Camera

As you all know, the SMENA 8M is a very nice Russian camera. It's my newest camera ever since I wanted to try out manual functions of a 35mm compact camera! I still love my LC-A but the SMENA 8M gives you full control over your aperture and shutter speed. So I like to use my LC-A for occasions where its automatic function provides less hassle and SMENA 8M when I like to fiddle with my exposure settings.

Miniature Origami Creations

Origami, the art of paper folding, has been around since the 17th century AD. Many get into this type of paper craft but not all are successful. Anja Markiewicz, an artist from Germany, also has origami creations. The difference is that her origami pieces are miniature in size.

Me, Santa, and My Plastic Camera

After seeing that one of the requested Analogue Lifestyle articles for December was our childhood photo with Santa, I rummaged through the old family photo albums. Luckily, my parents took a lot of photos back in the day and I did find a photo with Santa.