Polaroid is Dead!


Well where shall I start….. After Polaroid went belly up the brand was sold and it went very quiet! Then the company announced Lady GaGa was on board as creative director and she was pictured with an SX-70 taking pictures and even using the camera in her video’s….. All good news you would say!

Well at the CES a couple of days ago they launched the new Grey range…. and guess what….. its digital and it uses ZINC or Zero Ink so its goodbye to Polaroid as an instant film stalwart! Early last year they were talking about bringing back 600 film and they re-badged the fuji instax camera so why with Fuji behind the Instax film could they not work on a larger format of the film instead of a 4×3 zinc print! a 4×3 instax film would have been cool and would have sure been a winner but the GaGa link is just a smoke screen to sell units after all and with the adoption of Zinc in a larger format it looks like the affair with instax maybe over before it really got off the ground.

Looking at messageboards Polaroid have taken a real hammering over their choice of media, will they listen or go for Lady G’s sheep who will buy the new gear just because she say’s its cool!

Thank god for the impossible project and fuji for keeping instant film alive and I hope Edward Land will soon stop turning in his grave and is at peace once more…. As I have an SX-70 and other Polaroid cameras and 50 years on they are still taking fantastic pictures but this new Grey range won’t last 5 years and instead of Land Cameras they will just be Land Fill Cameras!!!!!

R.I.P Polaroid it was good while it lasted……..

written by copefan on 2011-01-09


  1. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    I saw that launch the other day and no words(that I can put here) can express how utter crap the whole system is, I was bought a zinc when it came out sadly (as it was a well meant prezzy) it is also crap and I have never even finished the first pack of paper! They have made one big mistake I think!... and yes thank god for Impossible and Fuji.

  2. pamelaklaffke
    pamelaklaffke ·

    sigh. they just really seem to have no clue, do they. if they had stuck with with they were good at (ie. making instant film and cameras) then perhaps it wouldn't be such a mess. i think many of polaroid's business decisions have been horrible and misguided. i will always miss the sx-70, but project impossible is awesome and i'm learning to love my instax cameras more every day!

  3. dyluzo
    dyluzo ·

    yeah I love my old girls SX-70,spectra,450 automatic Polaroid and instant back for the LC-A+ and the new impossible film .Back to the Future that's my motto !