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Photo of the Day by jean_louis_pujol

You'll never know when an opportunity for a great photograph will hit you up so always keep your eyes open and be ready to shoot fast!

Photo of the Day by tomiloveslomo

Our fellow lomographer surely enjoyed his photowalk alone in this candy-colored countryside. He even took home this surreal self-portrait to show how much fun he had!

Quick Tips for Street Photography with Lomo LC-A+

Never taken your Lomo LC-A+ out for some serious street photography work? Arm yourself with these quick tips and be on your way to mastering the art of shooting away out in the streets!

Reviews on Rewind: Fuji Natura Classica

Looking for an analogue beauty that allows you to shoot crisp photos without flash in natural light, and even low-light? You can trust the compact Fuji Natura Classica, a lomographer favorite, to be your best shooting companion for this! Find out what some of our lucky lomographers have to say about their Fuji Natura Classica experience in this installment of Reviews on Rewind!

Urban Delights: HONG KONG MAGIC

Big city life can be intense. It can make you feel tiny and insignificant in comparison to the sleek, skyscrapers towering overhead. Sometimes it can feel never-ending, as if there is no escaping the magnitude of it all.

LomoAmigo: photographer Jamie Chan!

As one of CNNgo's '10 of Singapore's best young photographers', Jamie Chan has been producing fantastic photos since she first took up photography in 2009. Here, Jamie gives advice to future photographers and shares some of her favourite moments in analogue photography!

Let Me Tell You How I Konstrukted My Konstruktor!

The first thing I loved when I reached to see the Konstruktor camera was its very photographic look. Being able to discover how the camera works while you build it, and focusing with its glass screen in the viewfinder, has been two of my most genuinely photographic experiences ever!

Spring Cleaning Your Lomo House

If some of you remember, I made an article a while ago about a simple home organization project you can do to 1) de-clutter your life 2) keep your camera's in order, 3) keep all of you accessories in tact, and 4) keep together your prints, scans and negatives. Well spring is here (in some places in the world) which gives me the perfect excuse to clean up my "Lomo House." Trust me, if yours is anything like mine, you will need it.

Constructing the Konstruktor: Reviews and First Impressions

I told myself to wait. The next shipment of the Konstruktor camera would be in the Singapore Gallery Store in a couple of weeks, and I should just be patient. But looking at the laid out display of all the gears and parts did not help the temptation. Not only did I buy the display right then and there, I assembled it in the shop with my good lomo friend @kernlose. My reviews and initial impression of the Konstruktor assembly follow the jump! So much for patience...

What Tech and Gadget Websites are saying about the newly-launched Konstruktor

The Konstruktor was launched only a couple of weeks ago, but tech and gadget websites have been steadily giving their preliminary insight and impressions on the newest addition to Lomography's roster of analogue goodies. Curious about what these websites have to say about the world's first DIY 35mm film SLR camera? Find out after the jump!

Just For Hue: Mellow Yellow Must-Haves

What better way to get you in the spirit of summer than with a dash of sunshine? For those who walk with a pep in their step and like to stand out in a sea of dull colors, here are some of the sweet citrus-y items you should score from the Lomography Online Shop!

The Konstruktors: An Interview With Ccwu

He's one of the most popular Lomographers, famed for his beautiful portraits and daily-life photography. Now he's taken a new challenge as a Konstruktor!

Magnification Made Easy

We all love a good macro shot, but most of our toy cameras do not allow for in-focus close-ups. In the past, I have experimented with using a hand-held magnifying glass to obtain some close-ups with the LC-A+. However, the focal length was always estimated, and often wrong. I wanted a way to use a magnifying glass and always obtain an in-focus close-up despite using a camera that doesn't have true viewfinder.

Make a Movie by LOMO LC-A

Here's a short tipster on how I made a short film using shots from my beloved LOMO LC-A. Try it out yourself as its loads of fun!

Waves ≈ Wahines

Guilty Pleasures - Film Edition

Let us know which 35mm film gets your heart racing and palms sweaty for your chance to win some piggies.

ektachrome160T (im)perfekt

5 Simple Reasons Why I Love Lomography Color Negative 100 35mm

This article looks at the five reasons why I love 35mm Lomography CN100, what I think it does best, and why I always keep some around. Read on to find out more!

Why Limited Edition Cameras Are Good Investments

I am way jealous of anyone who owns the limited edition LC-A+ White Japan Edition because I wasn't able to score the legendary LC-A+ camera dressed in whimsical white leather. While it is no longer available, other exclusive Lomography cameras are up for grabs and here's why I think they're worth the extra dough.

What's What with the Lomography Color Negative ISO 400

Hi, I'm Hannah, and I just shot, processed and printed my first roll of Lomo film from my La Sardina camera (without flash). This review is to help newbies (like myself!) use the film effectively!

Lomography Day Trips: Bali, Indonesia

One of the more famous tourist destinations when it comes to relaxation in Southeast Asia, the province of Bali in Indonesia has more to it than meets the eye.

Belair with 35mm Film

Who doesn't have a 35mm back for Belair? Maybe you can try this tipster.

Mum and Me: An Analogue Trip Into the Past

Analogue photos have always been an important part of my family; What a beautiful way to document peoples lives. For me it is even more important, since I get to see the life of someone very close to me who is no longer with us...my mother.

漫步寧靜間 - 松園別館


Custom Hand-Made Camera Bag

Is that a stylish, expensive, designer clutch you have in your hand? No, it's actually a custom camera bag I made using one of my own photos. Find out how after the jump :)

Lomography Spring Into Shape Campaign: Share and Win Sprint

Next week, we're giving you the chance to score some more Piggy Points to spend with an exciting Spring into Shape Campaign! To kick this off, let's begin with a Share and Win Sprint -- all you have to do is to share this very article on Facebook to ensure big winnings up to the last leg of the campaign next week. Dig deep, get your second wind, and sprint your way to the finish line in style!

Breathtaking Sunset View at Kuta, Bali

Kuta is a long sandy beach where a lot of surfers surf along the beach. The wave is more suitable for beginner surfers though. Kuta Beach is also a nice spot for viewing the sunset.

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