• Dolly Sods Camping Trip

    shared by edenhovenga on 2012-11-28

    These photos were taken on a camping trip I took with my boyfriend and his family. I'm really pleased with how all of these turned out. I'm also increasingly happy with my dad's old Canon Sureshot A1.

  • Pleasant Surprise

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    I went on eBay a few weeks ago to find more Agfa film, cos right now I am absolutely obsessed with them, when I found a listing for a film called Agfachrome 50L. The listing had 5 of them and the seller had warned that he didn't know what the condition of the film was as he had only gotten it from an estate sale. Still, the film already got my attention and I didn't wanna miss the opportunity of seeing what the film does so I bought it anyway. It turns out that that I made the right move because this film, which has a light but noticeable pink hue, is just amazing! Check out my latest Analogue Girl About Town article that was inspired by this film:

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  • City splitzer

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  • Etna volcano

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    Sicilian enigma

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    testing out the sensia 400 whilst having a trip to Blackpool on a nice sunny day (very rare for us northeners that!)

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  • Archived photo by samuraia.

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    This photo by samuraia. comes from the archives of the former

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    Redlands+LA County Fair! My friend did a great job scanning these so there are good versions of all of them!

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