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OK, here it is…I’m sitting here taking a break from work and playing with my LCA. In my previous blog entry I was whining about the lack of a half case for the LCA and I still think it does need another carry option. So I’m looking at this precious little camera in front of me and thinking it through.

I recently bought the instant back for the LCA and I was appreciating the two strap loop that are molded into the instant back unit. I have been carrying this around for the past week and having a ball with it but today I decided to go back to the regular back for a little while. And that is what has brought the size issue back to my immediate attention again. I have to say, that is one of the greatest things about this camera is it’s diminutive size. I started thinking how even a leather case would add additional bulk to it…and then my smart phone rang.

Aha! That’s the answer right there: How about a molded silicone camera skin? This would be a slip on skin with cutouts for the key operations and it would have varying thicknesses in the different parts of the case. In other words, the bottom would probably be thinner and stretchier, the bottom corners would be more robust and then the upper portion of the half case would feature a thickening wall which would terminate on either side with a kind of tank top shape. There would be nice thick strong loops molded into the tank top to hold a narrow nylon camera strap or slip a split ring through. Perhaps a plastic insert piece on the sides that the skin is molded around would provide additional strength if the silicone alone was not enough.

So think of it. This would protect the camera from bumps and scrapes, would be easily changeable if they came out with different designs and it provide REAL attachment points not to mention a FANTASTIC grippy surface. By removing the danger of the camera slipping out of your hands it would enable everyone to relax their grip and concentrate on their shutter finger thereby getting better shots.

I would just love to see this happen. I bet it’s a somewhat costly proposition to get the mold made but it may not be as expensive nowadays as it once was. It may also be possible to make this kind of skin so that it could be used on several different lomo cameras, say the fisheyes or Holga 135.

So what do you say Lomo Gods? Maybe if we all say “Pleeeeaaaaase.” :)

written by clickiemcpete on 2011-02-08


  1. kdstevens
    kdstevens ·

    Bro! I'm with you on this. I really, really, really HATE carrying cameras dangling from a single place. Problem is most modern compact cameras do just that. I love the LC-A+ and mine usually has the 20mm SWA lens and viewfinder mounted and that's a lot of mass--a lot of mass to be swinging around on a string. Would it kill camera makers to provide 2 neck strap lugs?! Give us a choice? I like your silicone skin idea. One of the best things about the Diana and Holga cameras is they have a real neck strap!

  2. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Thanks for the comments and for seeing the potential of this idea! However, I have no clue how to reach the mysterious Lomo Wizards who pull the strings and make the products happen. So if anyone can relay this blog entry to them it would be wonderful.

  3. alehopgm
    alehopgm ·

    It's a great idea! Have you sent it to Lomography?

  4. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Hopefully they will see it! :)