The Analogue Rebellion


Well it seems that Lomography, the heroes of the New Analogue Movement, will start allowing digital images on the website. This unexpected development has not come as welcome news to most of the members and I am detecting a groundswell of dissatisfaction amongst the more serious in the ranks.

How did this happen? Why did the folks who brought us such mantras as “Leave the Digital Grind Behind” suddenly have a change of heart? Granted, there have never been any explicit rules in regards to content on the site and sometimes people post digital images for one reason or another, usually to show a camera collection or for tutorials. Sometimes such images are accompanied by an apologetic line or two and there have even been some big fights where people were accused of trying to pass off digital images as analogue. Clearly there are strong feelings about this!

But we have been bombarded recently with digital images from the upcoming Petzval lens project and now the micro 4/3 lens set. So it would appear that the folks who run the show are looking for a broader audience and perhaps an enhanced revenue stream. As a small business owner I can certainly understand that mode of thinking, if indeed that is what is going on. But honestly, I don’t really know what’s going on and no one else does either. Perhaps it would have been nice if LSI would do a better job of communicating with their community so that such moves would be better understood.

Here is what I have learned through my own online business experience: You have to be very careful when you have developed a business and a social media presence. Particularly if you are a big operator which Lomography clearly is. LSI created a movement, an idea that our group, our tribe if you will, is bucking the trend and keeping the analogue dream alive. We are the caretakers of antique equipment and the modern experimenters with fantastic new instruments. The fact that we are seeing such an emotional response to bringing digital into the equation speaks volumes. There is a general feeling of betrayal among the community. LSI has sold us out for a few lousy bucks. Whether right or wrong, that’s the feeling and it’s not a very nice one.

So, what to do? Just keep on going I guess…. I think I’ll post an album tonight. It will be filled with images taken with an analogue camera and film was my sensor. Keep the faith my friends, we know who the true heroes are here. ;)

Credits: clickiemcpete

written by clickiemcpete on 2013-10-23

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  1. metaluna
    metaluna ·

    I'm so pissed off with this move. It's not just about film, it's like you wrote " We are the caretakers of antique equipment and the modern experimenters with fantastic new instruments" All I can say is FUCK !