Singlespeed is some non-standard bike practice, whether on trails or on the road. The idea is to leave a single chainring and a single cog and think only of one thing: pedaling!
Of course we also remove anything that becomes useless: derailleurs and shifters. The bike is lighter and often fully rigid (no suspension). Control is completely different. We then find back the pleasure of riding. The advantage of having such a simple bike is also that maintenance is greatly reduced. This is an incredible advantage when riding 6-8 months of the year in the rain and mud.

Credits: chtiman

Singlespeed is also a state of mind. The meetings are always occasion, after a race or a ride, to share a good time with friends. To do this, outside of meetings that are held throughout the year with people from your area, there are also some special events: national championships, European champs and the world champs. All this is not official but it is organized seriously with one goal: fun. I participated in European championships in England in 2010 and France in 2012 and I was part of the organization of European Championships in Belgium in 2011 and in the Belgium national championships in 2012.

Each European championships is three days of fun and good humor (and also the opportunity to taste the local cuisine and drink a few beers). Also the opportunity to take photos ;-)

Credits: chtiman

if you want to discover more about this practice, I invite you to visit the websites of the various events. You’ll see many photos about the spirit of this practice. By the way, next European champs will be held near Girona, Spain… oups! Sorry! Catalunya! ;-)

2010 European champs :
2011 European champs :
2012 European champs :
2012 Belgian champs :

written by chtiman on 2012-09-26

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