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Seoul Kitchen Competition

We know you've heard of and probably tasted twice-fried Korean chicken but that's not all that Seoul has to offer! Send in your most scrumptious Korean inspired dishes today and who knows, you might experience the cuisine firsthand - We have a trip for two to Seoul and special edition La Sardina cameras to give away as prizes!

Coming Soon! Part 7

Sit back, dim the lights and look closely, because it’s almost time to unveil the latest Lomographic blockbuster! This is the last close-up clue we'll be giving you before all is revealed tomorrow!

Some no-wind-impressions...
Echlot y nuestros camellos

Win your Lomography Wishlist

Got your eye on an LC-Wide? Longed for a Diana Mini since forever? Well you could be in luck - This week, we’re giving you the opportunity to win your most wished for Lomography goodies! Read on for details on how to participate in this dream-fulfilling Rumble…

Archeological Sites of Pompeii

Pompeii is a small town near Neaples, behind Vesuvio.

Shark Week Rumble!

It's Shark Week once again over at Discovery Channel! To celebrate this monumental occasion, let's see your Lomographs of all things shark - from the Great White to Universal!

Proven Provia Expired '98

A curiosity buy of an old stock Fuji Chrome Film, which expired in 1998.

Japanese Gardens

LomoMission 68: Your 'Worst' Shot

Everywhere you go to, there's always a contest or a thread about your best shot taken in the past year. We're going to change things up a bit and add a dash of humor to the start of the year. Bring your worst!

Diana Mini - Splitzer Made of Film Canister Caps

You can make this tipster even if you are all thumbs. Within a couple of minutes you can tinker a Splitzer for your Diana Mini!

Spread The Word Rumble!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spread the word of Lomography all around the world. The future is analogue!

Shake It Flash Rumble!

Do you have any photo taken with our eight-eyed friend, the Oktomat? Submit them to our Flash Rumble and you'll automatically get Piggies added to your account. Check the details after the jump!

South Africa on Film by Manila's 'Your Evil Twin'

Travelling twin photographers extraordinaire An and En Estrada bring you some much-needed summer sun this winter - off to basking in the glorious landscape of Cape Town, Africa! Join them as they take you to their journey on a photographer's dream come true!

Tape? What tape?

Don't try taping your whole camera. It's not meant to be that way!

Lomography is Now on Tumblr!

Can't get enough of scouring for images and sharing photos? Tired of reblogging old memes and silly kittens? Head on over to Tumblr where you can get your fill of awesome imagery and countless promotions!

Wish & Win a Lomography Goodie!

Are you desperate for a Diana Mini? Always wanted a Spinner 360? Let your wishes be known - join the Wish & Win rumble! It's super easy, you just need to fill out your Lomography Wishlist and stay locked in to the Magazine for our announcements!

Welcome to LoMovember!

We present to you the LoMovember rumble, in association with international charity initiative Movember. show us all your moustache photos to win!

Food Porn Rumble Winner Announcement

Burp! Excuse us, but we couldn't help it - this rumble certainly got us salivating! All these glorious food, creatively captured by your hungry Lomographic lenses, stuffed our submissions inbox full. Picking the top 5 pictures was challenging in itself, as there were a lot of yummy pictures!

Lomography Caterpillar stop motion film!

Stop-Motion videos are awesome, but they are even more awesome when shot with an LC-A+ and a mix of different 35mm films!

A LomoWall Competition - Win a Spinner 360

To coincide with our LomoHome relaunch and the grand return of the much awaited LomoWalls! So have you been busy building your own Walls for your Homes? Show us and we'll give you a really sweet prize that's sure to make your head spin in happiness!

Food Porn Rumble

Are you feeling hungry? We at Lomography sure are starving and we want to see the most succulent and the most decadent food shots that you have! The more ridiculous, the better. Foie gras topped triple-bacon cheese burgers, here we come!

Lomography and FOUR PAWS: Orang-Utans on Tour - Harry Travels Around the World - Update

This summer is all about Orang-Utans! FOUR PAWS and Lomography invites you to travel around the world with little Harry: a plush Orang-Utan, and show us his amazing adventures. Take pictures of Harry wherever you go, and you'll get the chance to win some prizes!

Lomography x MTV EXIT: Snap, Share and Stop! comment rumble

Lomography is thrilled to announce “Snap, Share and Stop!” a joint competition with MTV EXIT - the global campaign to stop human trafficking and exploitation . If you had the chance, what global problem would you stop from happening? We are inviting you to share your snaps and encourage others to comment/vote on your photos – we will pick the winners by the most commented/voted submissions!

Audrey Tautou Snaps with the Lomo LC-A+

France's Envy Magazine recently featured celebrities and their so-called "hidden sides". From inside the glossy pages there's this young and petite actress who's sporting our beloved LOMO LC-A. Why, it's France's very own Audrey Tautou!

Ricoh GR1S: The Professional Compact

Ricoh gr series. with lens so sharp, your eyes will hurt.

Gakkenflex TLR

A DIY twin-lens reflex camera (TLR) made of plastics that will truly amaze you for what it can does!

The Square Diana Mini Splitzing Experience

The Diana Mini camera is a stunning little toy by itself, but what if you want to make some square splitzer shots with it?

Half Frame on Full Frame

Have you ever asked yourselves what would it like to change lenses from different type cameras? The answer is here!

Extended Long Exposure Rumble Winner Announcement

For this challenge we dared you to toss out the Flash and try some light painting and streaking using your camera's B setting!

The leaning tower

Lomography Photo Highlights: SLR Mania!

If you're hankering for something more rigid and more professional to shoot with, try out an SLR! They're relatively cheap to come by nowadays and provide fantastic results!

Wuzhen China

The Wuzhen refurbed water village is a place for the joys of a pleasant ville or Truman show type version of old china.

Los Uros, Kamisaraki – People from the Lake Titicaca

I spent two nights at the floating islands of the Uros people, 3810 m from the sea level in the Lake Titicaca. Staying at “Kamisaraki Inn” was one of the highlights of my trip to Peru!