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A Pinhole Exposure Guide Neck Strap

I don't know about you, but I never seem to remember all the little things that are needed for each camera. Thankfully, my Diana Multi Pinhole Operator came with a handy little Exposure Guide, but I couldn't seem to fit it into the camera so I would always have it with me. I used Photoshop, cut and pasted a few things, and viola! A neck strap equipped with an exposure guide.

Canon EOS 630: The Perfect Camera for Everyday Life

The Canon EOS 630, a film SLR, is the predecessor to Canon’s current line of digital EOS cameras. Since inheriting the camera from my father, I’ve been won over by the multitude of easy-to-use functions it possesses (such as the ability to do multiple exposures), as well as the greater amount of control and precision it offers.

Remember the Photo Booths?

Boy, I miss those analogue Photo Booths!

Mulholland Drive
bang bang my baby shot me down
lca & me

Lomography x Paul Simon: The So Beautiful or So What Rumble

Lomography is extremely honoured to team up with musical legend Paul Simon; the winner of 12 Grammy awards, a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and a member of the songwriter's hall of fame. Together we bring you the So Beautiful Or So What rumble!

My Father's Trips: Rome 1971

In an old box, I found several negatives, with some fungus and in bad condition ... but with the most beautiful memories of one of the many trips of my father.

Perfect Focus

Tired of blurry pics?? You want sharp images?? This is the tipster for you - easy, cheap and effective.

How to turn almost anything into a Pinhole Camera

Before starting, lift your eyes from this article and look around. You are surrounded by boxes. Real boxes. Also the room is a box, although you still haven't realized it. Houses are big boxes. Bottles, cans, wardrobes and closets, teapots, pumpkins, eggs and... you. Boxes. Everywhere. Now, choose a box. This box will be your new camera.

...chasing the sun in my hometown...

PinHolo - The story of how I made a Pine-Nut Pinhole Camera!

When I was a student at the Fine Arts Academy in Perugia, I fell in love with stenopeic photography and started gathering every kind of document I could about it and its technical evolution. I asked for some information from my photography teacher, Antonio Todini - He suggested that I search "Pinhole Photography" on the internet and as a way of remembering things said: “Pinhole, it sounds like pinolo (pine nut, in Italian), but with the 'H' after the 'N' and the final 'E'”. Since that moment the little nut planted itself in my mind and grew in the form of a challenge to make my very own pine nut pinhole camera!

Tutorial: Making the Argus C3 a Pinhole Camera

I was interested in pinhole photography but I did not have the money to lay down to get a good camera. A little ingenuity goes a long way.

Hooray! Achievement Awards Are Here!

We proudly introduce you to the Achievement Awards to the community! We’ll be dishing out these awards when you reach certain milestones of Lomographic excellence – Read on to find out more!

Photos That Made You Go WOW in the Comments

Again the title pretty much gives it away: a gallery of photos with your comments containing the word WOW. With your mouth wide open in awe.

Taller Lomo en Cádiz 5 - Horizon Perfekt 2