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It's not much time i'm here but I think I already know who are my 10 favorite lomographers

1) scarecrowindisguise
Some of the first photographs seen here were hes: they left me speechless.

2) undiscovered
She struck me with its freshness.

3) dogma
For his particular sets and colors.
Photo by dogma

4) ohpleasedontgo
Her photos have a kind of dream.

5) troch
I was intrigued by her profile photo, then I discovered the others ones! I envy her landscapes.

6) hodachrome
Beautiful colors and great double exposures.

7) ariannapaloma
She also was one of the first I met, I like the colors and her tutorial: she shares her secrets.

8) upic
I like so much her light.

9) bkspicture
The master of the b\w.
Photo by bkspicture

10) jennson
I want his Kodak Aerochrome EIR!!

Special mention to:
biondapiccola, my personal guide.

Photo by biondapiccola

Photo by weidong

Photo by alessiab

Photo by ccwu

written by cecily


  1. cecily


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  2. bravebird


    yes, i like this blog ;)) thanks a lot! :-*

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  3. biondapiccola


    :O oddio, in mezzo a queste star!! :D Grazie tantissime Cecily!

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  4. ccwu


    Thank you cecily!! :D

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  5. ohpleasedontgo


    Thank you so much! :)

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  6. alessiab


    OMG, thank you!!

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  7. ariannapaloma


    wow! grazie mille! mi hai messo in mezzo proprio ai miei lomographer preferiti!! davvero un onore. :) grazie ancora!

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  8. bkspicture


    Yai im one of them :D
    Many thanks!

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  9. weidong


    wow1!!!! grazie tantissime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. marriedtomyholga


    One day I want to make one of these lists D: But everyone is so good!
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  11. alizlovescherry


    I follow every single people you mention, lol.. ^^
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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  12. cecily


    @alizlovescherry thank you too :)

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  13. hanibale


    very good

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  14. sariseven


    Ottima la tua top ten!! comincio pure io a seguirli ;) !!
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  15. puppettina


    Bella Top10...credo che anche io comincerò a seguire questi bravissimi lomografi, con la speranza di starci un giorno pure io in mezzo a loro!?!

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  16. puppettina


    Bella Top10...credo che anche io comincerò a seguire questi bravissimi lomografi, con la speranza di starci un giorno pure io in mezzo a loro!?!

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  17. cecily


    @puppettina grazie! spero anche io di esserci in una prima o poi.. :)

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  18. ameliaemalia


    it's really helpful ;)

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  19. sirio174


    ottima scelta!

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  20. adamazemi


    check out my photos. I am new to lomography
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  21. alfonso_deasis



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  22. oneeyeshut


    Excellent images, I like them all... very well done.
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  23. sibyyyl


    The last two is awesome!!
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  24. kendralugo


    Amazing photos! I love the picture from weidong, thanks for sharing!

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  25. camerabrain


    truly amazing yay

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  26. atch


    I'll have to check out these people's pictures for inspiration. Thanks for the post.

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  27. cecily


    @atch : thank you for have read it :)

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  28. shaper

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  29. af-capture



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  30. dona-marocas-kemper



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  31. hayalistik

    you are awesome ! cool and perfect ! :)
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  32. lavieboheme


    thank you for this list, I'm new here and I followed a few of them...
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  33. checkmybadself


    Thanks for this post! I have just joined and needed some places to start looking ;)
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  34. totodile


    good picks

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