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Making an Instant Camera from Popsicle Sticks

If you've got quite the sweet tooth like me and love instant photography as well, here's a project you can do that covers the best of both worlds!

Use your iPad as a Lightbox Negative Viewer

Using the Negative Viewer app on my iPad 4 makes drooling over FujiChrome Velvia much easier.

Type On Negative

Remember the old days and the analogue sound of typewriters? With this tipster you can take your old mechanical typewriter for a Lomographic revival. Use your old mechanical typewriter to intervene on your old films.

Scan Those Old and Forgotten APS Negatives with the Lomography Smartphone Scanner!

APS film or Advanced Photo System is a discontinued film type that was fairly common at the end of the 90s. The negatives are kept inside the cartridge, even after development. It's a tiny and fiddly film to work with, but the smartphone film scanner makes scanning this film an easy job!

Pinhole Passion: My 110 Pinhole Camera

To celebrate this year's World Pinhole Photography Day, I've been making pinhole cameras in all the film formats I'm familiar with: 35mm, 120, instant film, and now...110!

The Art of Recycling: Memories Turned Into Magnets

A little trick to make our pictures really unique, and original!

Fuji Instax 210 WIDE vs Diana Instant Back+

Both Fuji Instax 210 and Diana Instant Back+ deliver the signature soft polaroid look, but the handling of these two cannot be more different. Come find out more!

Red to burn

Ladies and Gentlemen, the DIY Diana Multi Flash Adaptor

You've all been there, it's the middle of the night and you are trying to get some well-deserved sleep, when suddenly, an idea hits you that's either mad or brilliant. What if only one flash on your Diana F+ just isn't enough?

Test Drive: Sunny Fruit Juice Camera

This time I was lucky to try out quite an extraordinary camera - Sunny Fruit Juice Camera 35mm. This little queen of covert cameras is truly a spy's dream, and even Agent 007's sophisticated gadgets pale in comparison.

The Pinhegg – My Journey To Build An Egg Pinhole Camera

Since I started pin-holing the world, I have had the strong desire to make a special camera, with the purpose of shooting just one photograph. The purpose was to sacrifice the camera in the process of photo creation – I wanted the camera to become the photograph. To let you understand, the process from the camera to the photograph is the same that ties the baby bird to the egg: the bird grows protected from the shell and when it's ready breaks it and comes out. This is why I decided to create the Pinhegg – An Egg Pinhole Camera.

Avoid Dents to your Diana Mini with Rubber Foam

Are you sometimes so clumsy like me? Have you also accidentally dropped your Diana Mini ? Now prevent dents, scratches, and mutilations with the trick with the rubber foam. Let your Diana Mini be good as new.

The Zenit 3M: Sputnik-Era Snapper

The Zenit 3M may be short of bells and whistles, but this old Soviet camera is a lot of fun to use.

CD Jacket? Photo Frame? A 2-in-1 DIY Present!

I thought about how to make an inexpensive present that would bring back good memories about any place, as well as combine photography, music, and crafts.

Stratski's Creative Corner: the Janus Cam

Janus was a two faced Roman god. A fitting name for a camera that exposes film from both sides. And the beauty is: you can easily make a Janus cam yourself!

LomoKino Flashy Transformer Disco Show!

If the lever on your LomoKino breaks all is definitely not lost. Au Contraire mon amis, that's when the real fun starts! I'd like to introduce to you: The Flashy Transformer LomoKino Disco Show!

Leica If: the Lomo Leica?

I get my hands on my first-ever Leica & find it mostly intimidating.

Capturing Time: Long Exposures and Infrared Made Easy

Long exposures are a must for black and white infrared photography to capture the eerie white “snow covered” trees and dark skies. There is a great deal of information on the internet that one can sift through, most of it related to digital photography. I am not an expert, but here is how I got some good analog infrared results with my Holga 120!

The World in 360º

Learn how to make a round Spinner in 6 simple steps with this tutorial!

Creative Corner: Glass Gift Jar

Perfect for any gift; camera related or not as long as it fits! A beach-y presentation that just about anyone can enjoy. Read on to see how it's done! :)

Making the Most of 120 Film: 16 Square Photos

A quick tipster on how to have 16 square frame photos when using the Holga or Diana.

Holga 135bc + Lego

Holga 135bc + Lego "Modification"! Basically this modification allows me to grip things like a CD or cardboard (and loads of others things to be able to use as a filter)

How Large Format Cameras Are Made

If you've ever been curious about how those amazing large format cameras are made, we found the answer for you. Yes, these traditional cameras are still being made at this time and age, so find out how after the jump!

Creative Corner: Photo Accordion Box

A quick and easy tipster for those of you that don't have much time to spend on arts and crafts. This little box is the perfect gift for anyone to express your love, happiness, gratitude, thoughts, etc! Read on to find out how to make it.

Bulk Film Loading, or How To Roll Your Own Joint

In hard economic times, using film can be expensive. Fortunately for people who love black and white photography, there is an answer!

DIY Project #2: Create Your Own Rorschach Inkblot Tote Bag

Along with our La Sardina DIY camera we’d like to present several DIY projects to inspire you. Our second project is a Rorschach Inkblot Tote Bag by Kate Livesey.

Diana Baby 110 Mega Tipster Post

Read this if you want to find out all you need to know about handling the Diana Baby 110. From changing lenses to shooting doubles this article has it all covered!

Crafty Tipster: Oven Bake Cameras

Make your own mini camera replicas with this easy to do tipster using oven bake clay.

DIY Redscale Film

Ich verliebte mich in Redscale-Filme, nachdem ich den XR 50-200 benutzt hatte. Ich entschied mich daraufhin, meinen eigenen Redscale-Film zu machen. Dabei fand ich es allerdings ziemlich lästig, dass man normalerweise zwei Filmpatronen für die gängige Methode braucht. Ich versuchte also eine Methode zu entwickeln, bei der lediglich eine benötigt wird. Schließlich hatte ich Erfolg.

Scan it Your Way

To those who cannot afford to buy a flatbed scanner with a film mask to scan films, try this, a cheap film scanner for all. It is easy to try and harmless to do. Just follow these few steps to scan your films and get your negative digitalized. Others might have wrote about this too, but this is how i'm scanning my films. Different people come out with different ways!

DIY Photography: Multi-Super-SB-Ring-Light

What can you do if you have a ton of SBs and a bit of duct tape? A multi-super-sb-ring-light!

Attic Sale - Extended!

Here's your chance to grab some Lomography goodies for a discounted price! The Attic Sale is extended until TOMORROW - so make sure to drop by the Shop to take advantage of this offer.

Go Wow Over The Fisheye Baby Bauhaus

It may be super tiny, but this baby won't go unnoticed! With an eye-popping palette of red, yellow, and blue, the Fisheye Baby Bauhaus will delight you not only with its flashy looks, but with the amazing photos that it can produce!

On Cookies and Photoshop

We're not much into photo-retouching here at Lomography, but this is a version of Photoshop we give might give into and love... Curious... Read after the jump.

Making a DIY Cardboard Aperture

Have you ever been fascinated by the aperture in your camera lenses, and wondered how they operate? If you have some time to spare, this is a simple project that mimics the mechanics of an aperture - using card and foam boards!

DIY Rainbow Polka Dot Filters: Pot of Gold Not Included

Add some color and design to your photos with these easy-peasy, printable DIY Rainbow Polka Dot Filters. All the steps, tips, and tricks from someone who's made it to the other side of the rainbow.

Top Photo Uploaders of June 2012

Isn't it great to see your stash of films finally developed? An inexplicable feeling that leaves you eager for more!

Spotted: Pretty Diana on Ugly Betty

I was re-watching an episode of Ugly Betty from Season 4 called "The Butterfly Effect" when I suddenly noticed the appearance of several Diana F+ cameras along the main corridor on the set of the drama!

Make Your Own Color Filter!

Would you also like photos with amazing red, green, blue and yellow shades? You can easily make ones to put behind and in front of your lens on your own!

DIY Film Retriever/Extractor

Don't you just HATE it when you accidentally rewind the entire roll of film that you intend to use for a film swap? So here is a simple tip that you can use on any 35mm fully retracted film leader!