Gloomy Tri-X

These images were made on a super bright sunny morning, so bright in fact that a 400 ASA Tri-X was a bit too much. But I love the effect that those harsh contrasts create in conjunction with the tri-X (I love that film!) and the morning mist that was still hovering over the fields.
Some of the effects are also created through the development. The film refused to be spooled up properly so it got crumpled in places. The development was done in caffenol (recipe by Reinhard from, siply the best) a developer made from instant coffee, soda, vitamin c, and salt. The development was uneven so you can see the bright streaks from the sprocket holes. I thought I had moved the tank enough but this sometimes happen when I have two films on two spools stacked upon each other. The upper one gets this uneven development. So, the images were far from being perfect but I don't care - in fact these "imperfections" turned out to be great effects.