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Bleached Negatives = Positive Effects!

I find myself often surrounded by rolls of negatives that I’ve left kicking around under the computer after scanning in rolls of film, off cuts, bad shots, that sort of thing and decided to try and give them another chance to impress me by dropping them in the kitchen sink and pouring bleach over them...

Bathing in hot water

First steps to modify the film before its exposure. I've read the article about the salty water and also the one about the dishwasher bath for the filmrolls. Well, I am not so known yet in LabRat so I thought of starting from the very beginning.

The Creative Diarist: Mulberry Paper Tipster

Helen from top crafty blog The Creative Diarist is back with another genius (and surprisingly simple) way to make your Lomographic prints even more beautiful!

Zenit 12, Another Workhorse from KMZ

The magnificent Zenit 12 is a sturdy and reliable 35mm SLR camera with TTL metering system, interchangeable lens (M42 mount), and a reputation of being almost indestructible.

Splitzer and Masks at the Same Time?

Or how a crazy idea led to another, and another... Discover my "disasters".

Colorful Super Sampler

Shooting 4 perfect photos using the SuperSampler is cool, but can you imagine the effect if we were to add on colorful filters?

Coloring the Supersampler

In my unceasing search for more and more original photos and new lomo-experiences, this time I decided painting the four little eyes of the supersampler in four different colors.

Homemade Splitzer for Diana

Are you a fan of the Splitzer effect?, but prefer to keep saving up for your next camera?

Redscale Rocket

Here's one more feature to add to the awesomeness of the Sprocket Rocket - dead simple redscale shots.

Come on! Let’s Do the Color Process!

Since I got into analogue photography, I´ve only developed one roll in the lab: they took one day to develop and scan it, and then I found out they hadn’t scanned the sprocket holes… I really needed a scanner and knowledge on processing/developing!!

The Expired Film Rumble

Don’t you hate it when things expire? Milk, eggs, yogurt, and bread are not fun when they are expired. Moldy, smelly, disgustingness does not sound too appealing. Expired Film, on the other hand, will only bring you joy and surprise.

Ten Analogue Questions with Pamela Klaffke

Pamela Klaffke is a professional writer and photographer, whose unusual photographs were taken using damaged and expired film. Sounds like anyone you know? Yep, thought you'd be interested! See her gallery and read some insightful words on analogue lifestyle.