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First roll with the LC-Wide!

Doubles with a Museum

Have you ever been to a Art Museum were you just feel like you've already seen every painting and every work of art they're offering? Well it's time to spice things up a bit.

A Different Type of Nightshots

This tipster is about a technique which I call "High Quantity Multi Exposure" or short HQME. I assume that people have already done something like that before me but I couldn't find any information about it.

Diana F+ Modification - Spinshot Mod

Create super panoramas, up to 360° - Shoot a roll of film in less than 20 seconds - Experience a new way of shooting – It’s all possible with the Spinshot Mod!

Diana F+ Modification: ISO Boost

Give your Diana an ISO Boost. Have you noticed that the Diana loves how those speedy 400 ISO films snatch up the light? That is just fine, but there are many more varieties of 100 ISO on the market. Rather than miss out on all those daring films why not modify your Diana to achieve similar results as a 400 ISO with a 100 ISO film?

It's Not Just You Who Likes Coffee... Your Film Roll Does Too!

Letting your roll plunge in a cup of freshly boiled coffee creates such nice colour-bubbles!

¡Algo ha crecido en mi película!

O cómo convencer a un honguito para que se quede a vivir en tu película

¿Fotografia creativa o fotografia destructiva?

He vuelto a hacer experimentos. Algo así como destruir, manipular o destrozar un carrete.

Aliñando mis fotografías

El aliño es la mezcla de especias y otros condimentos con el fin de realzar o potenciar el sabor de algún producto, como un carrete fuji superia 100 asa.

Your Pinhole Ghost

How does one photograph themselves to be transparent without doing a double exposure you ask? It's simple! Continue reading and find out how!

Cooking with Poison

This is a story of a film experiment I did with chemistry. It involves iron solution for Plant Protection. Go get your goggles and protect your eyes!

Fairy Tale Pictures - With Water and Salt

Work with the film, force yourselves, no fear. Here's 2-3 easy steps to make enchanting pictures. You need only two or three things.

Dr. Lab Experiment Two: Bleach & Shout - 50’s Effect

Meet Dr. Lab aka hti. Straight from the HQ Lomography Archive where he has been whipping up some weird and wonderful experiments just for you. Many thanks Dr. Lab for sharing your laboratory experience, secret techniques and analogue passion in the second of his special edition Film Freak Tipsters. Now come on everyone bleach & shout!

Six Month Long Pinhole Exposures

You read the interview now learn how to do it! Pinhole expert Justin Quinnell showes us how to be creative with the use of time and with the light from the sun to make a six month long pinhole exposure. Try the experiment and let us know how it goes!

Microwaved Polaroids

If you think you're too stressed out and feeling older everyday, you might want to consider a new hobby. Something that would deviate you from the usual routine that you're getting sick of. Why not start dancing Ballroom? buy a new pet perhaps? or fishing on the Pacific? If you fancy none of these, then you should try Instant Cooking Photography! Here's how:

Tipster of the Week: The Endless Storyteller

This is how you tell a story in one roll of film or more.

Home-Baked Film

Heat up your film and add a little whipped cream!

A Film Soup

This psychedelic effect came from a unique concoction that is within reach at your mum's hearty kitchen!

Mixing Words With Reality

Some time ago, I read an article of cohetesnaranjas about a failed experiment of mixing words with landscape. I thought it was a wonderful idea so I kept it in my mind so that I could try it someday, maybe with something more.

30 Ways to Hack Your Next Roll of Film

One of the things that we look forward to when shooting with film is the result. Seeing the photos is always a surprise as we never know what exactly we're going to get. Here are some tips that you could use to hack your next roll of film.

Perforaciones: película de 35mm usando el papel de la película de 120

Existen diferentes maneras de fotografiar con película de 35mm en una cámara de 120 para conseguir que se exponga todo el negativo (perforaciones incluidas). Esta es una de las opciones en las que puedes utilizar el papel que protege la película de 120.

Guía rápida para hacer “Dobles” “Triples” o “Film Swap”.

Quién más o quién menos, todos sabemos en que cosiste este juego…compartir carrete entre una o varias personas. Aquí dejo unos consejos para empezar a hacer film swap y espero que sirva de ayuda.

Transformar antigua cámara de 120mm para utilizar con carrete de 35mm

Aquí presento un truco muy útil y fácil para utilizar un formato diferente y en algun caso curioso con cámaras de 120mm. Con este truco podemos fotografiar con carrete de 35mm con cámaras de 120mm dejando que exponga la totalidad del carrete incluyendo perforaciones y creando formatos panorámicos. Este truco solo lo he testeado con varias cámaras de 120 ANTIGUAS y el resultado es muy bueno. En este tutorial pongo como ejemplo una cámara Kodak Brownie Model de 120mm.