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Saran Wrapped

Tired of boring photos? Grab some saran wrap from your kitchen cabinet and mask it! Read more after the jump!

LO-FI scanning of your negatives

Dont have money to „buy“ your scans from profi photo studios? Dont have a scanner which scans your negatives? You need to see your shots as soon as possible? Here is my fast tipster...

Tutorial All About How to Properly Scan: From Equipment to Technique

We all need to somehow scan our photos. This will be a comprehensive guide to scanning - From scanners for every budget to having alternatives to traditional scanning.

Overexposure: It's a Beautiful Thing

With my first try at the Lubitel 166+ and manual settings in general (with no light meter), it's no surprise that my slides came out overexposed. But in the end, I actually really like the overexposure effect! Dreamy, bleached, otherworldly tones of cream and turquoise make for some genuinely gorgeous cross-processed slides. Read on to find out more!

Diana F+ - Welcome to her World!

Allow us to re-introduce you again to the wonderful world of the Diana F+. More than just a faithful recreation of a '60s classic - it's a multitalented medium-format camera that offers various perspectives and unique effects! Buy a Diana F+ camera today and you'll get 20% off discount on a Diana Accessory!

Understanding Leaks, Streaks and Bent Images

Lecture for newbies: How to embrace light leaks and unpredictable effects from your Holga.

Self Made Redscale

I saw an article awhile ago on how to make your own Redscale film, so I thought I'd share it with you all :)

Tipster of the Week: Colour Gels Are Awesome!

You know that the Diana F+ is one of the most versatile analogue camera of its kind - you can change its lens into a telephoto, superwide and fisheye! Change its back to make it a 35mm or Instax shooting wonder! And it can also be the sexiest pinhole you'll ever have! How about shooting rainbow-tinted photos with it? It can be done of course!

Tipster of the Week: Tastes Like a Decaf

Most of us use a variety of cameras and different films in order to actualise whatever that is we have perceived or, at most times, to surprise ourselves. Intentional or not, either way, it doesn’t matter because there is love in analogue! – And this is what our Tipster has to share with us this week!

Tipster of the Week: An Effective Revolt

Out of frustration due to circumstances only analogue species would understand (that would be us!) and not to mention the ridiculous high pricing of film handling in photo labs these days, Our Tipster here scoured everything he could find, both online and offline in search for a better solution and today, he's about to tell his story!

Roast Your Film

A tip on how to accelerate film expiration (because you love expired film but just couldn't wait)!

Tipster of the Week: The Inverted Equation of Cross Processing

If you're in for more experiments and wanting to do something with your rolls of film a bit differently other than baking it, cutting it into pieces and even fermenting it; how about cross processing? I know, this is much common now in Lomography next to cheddar cheese, but there is a scientific way of doing it! And all you need to know about it is here, courtesy of our Tipster of the week!

Tipster of the Week: I Want to Be A LomoStar!

Have you ever seen sun looking like big shiny star? No? Ever been on a scenario where the night sky becomes overcast just when you've planned on learning the zodiac constellations, yeah? Frustrating isn't it? Well for this week, we got something very special that will certainly have you catching and shooting stars in no time!

Tipster of the Week: Melt That Plastic in Your Camera!

How to make beautiful borders for your Diana pictures with just a few pices of plastic, tape, and a lighter!


Fisheye the sky to make a moon in the day or night. I don’t think I invented this, I think my lomofriends did, either way, it's something I enjoyed doing and you should too.

A Whole New Era of Ghost

if you were a friend of friendly Casper then you will love to cross over to the other side in your photographs with this 3rd ghost method.

Long Exposure Any Time of Day

Are you addicted to long exposure shots? don't limit yourself only to night time. This guide will show you what you need to take those blurry motion pictures even on bright day.