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Tipster of the Week: Colour Gels Are Awesome!

You know that the Diana F+ is one of the most versatile analogue camera of its kind - you can change its lens into a telephoto, superwide and fisheye! Change its back to make it a 35mm or Instax shooting wonder! And it can also be the sexiest pinhole you'll ever have! How about shooting rainbow-tinted photos with it? It can be done of course!

Spooky Halloween Lightpainting with the Diana Instant Back+

Boo! Time to take those colorful, ghastly shots and develop them in an Instant! Our friends from Hong Kong show you how, just in time for Trick or Treat!

Diana F+ Lens Adaptors - Adjust the View

Diana F+ Lenses can do a whole lot of fantastic things but they won´t overrule physics. Your film or sensor format sets the boarders to the lenses field of view...

Tipster of the Week: Tastes Like a Decaf

Most of us use a variety of cameras and different films in order to actualise whatever that is we have perceived or, at most times, to surprise ourselves. Intentional or not, either way, it doesn’t matter because there is love in analogue! – And this is what our Tipster has to share with us this week!

Push Processing or: Give me more!

No ISO 400 film at hand but facing a nice low-light situation? Your frigde is full with ISO 100 films but you want to shoot fast moving things? You want high contrast and hues shifts without crossing? Maybe Push Processing is a way!

Tipster of the Week: Before One's Eyes

We stick out our ears when we want to hear clearly, or forcefully sniff with our nose to confirm that something is smelling fishy and naturally, we tend to get closer at things for them to be scrutinised. Through the investigation of our latest Tipster for this week, she gave new meaning to the word 'macro'.

F-stops for Diana Wide Angle and Fisheye Lenses

Something of a scientific guide on using Diana+ Lenses.

Tipster of the Week: Fiber Optics Are Good for Your Health

The process of making Lomographs is just like painting itself. We choose what to shoot with our cameras, as well as the painter decides on what scene he'll make with his brush. Both Lomographer and painter are two artists that are aiming for one similar thing - to make beautiful pictures. And for this week, see how our Tipster chose to paint with light, literally.

Hats off!

LED hat light makes the leopard change his stripes.

Tipster of the Week: Welcome to Neon Town!

Butterflies aflutter, pollen in the air and clear blue skies – seems like nothing could go wrong as you went out with your camera for a Lomo shoot, until exposing a few frames later, it suddenly rained and you found yourself back in your dark and dingy rat hole. So what to do? Light up some neon for something fun, says our Tipster of the week!

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Light-write the perfect rainbow when writing with light! You might be thinking it's something of a feat for you to have, but all you need is a little bit of your imagination and it'll be as easy peasy as lemon squeezy!

Tipster of the Week: Masks for Everyday Amusement

Wearing a mask can be very useful and it varies depending where we are: a mask of a superhero when you're with the one you'd want to protect, a cheerful kind of a mask for those days when you don't want anyone to see you crying or you can employ a mask of childishness for you and your camera!

Tutorial All About How to Properly Scan: From Equipment to Technique

We all need to somehow scan our photos. This will be a comprehensive guide to scanning - From scanners for every budget to having alternatives to traditional scanning.

Tipster of the Week: Melt That Plastic in Your Camera!

How to make beautiful borders for your Diana pictures with just a few pices of plastic, tape, and a lighter!

Digitalize your negatives the ghetto way using the Lomography DigitaLIZA and a digital camera

Want to "scan" your negatives on the cheap? It's easy to digitalize your photos when you hold your negatives against a window, snap them with your digital camera and convert them to complete positive pictures on your computer. Find out how.

Pale Propositions

We all love saturated colours and high contrast, but what about the other end of the spectrum?

Instant Puzzle

Create puzzle-like images using your Diana+ with Instant Back or other Instant cameras!

The Crazy Mix : Diana F+, MPO and the Instant Back

So what happens when I put some magic from these three toys together?

Colourize It!

Here's a neat tip on how to make your Black & White images look like sexy colourful X-pro shots!

Blind Roll Shooting with Diana F+

Pretending not to know what is on your film can be really thrilling!

Tipster of the Week: I Want to Be A LomoStar!

Have you ever seen sun looking like big shiny star? No? Ever been on a scenario where the night sky becomes overcast just when you've planned on learning the zodiac constellations, yeah? Frustrating isn't it? Well for this week, we got something very special that will certainly have you catching and shooting stars in no time!