1. cafebuonasera
    cafebuonasera ·

    I remember it was almost 10 years ago when I first seen pictures of this castle, back then I told myself that I must visit it and see it with my own eyes no matter what. A few weeks later I met a girl who had just been there, she told me the same thing and that it's one of the most beautiful castles. 10 years on, the same girl brought me back to this magical place, and then a few weeks later we got married. That's how the story goes, in short. Like a circle, when you've eventually returned to the point you've started, it kinda feels funny, not quiet sure how to describe it... But you know what I mean.


  2. golgotha_tramp
    golgotha_tramp ·

    I love the colour of the sky in this shot, plus the birds and the beautiful castle...really well placed!

  3. cafebuonasera
    cafebuonasera ·

    Thank you so much!