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Avoid Dents to your Diana Mini with Rubber Foam

Are you sometimes so clumsy like me? Have you also accidentally dropped your Diana Mini ? Now prevent dents, scratches, and mutilations with the trick with the rubber foam. Let your Diana Mini be good as new.

The World in 360º

Learn how to make a round Spinner in 6 simple steps with this tutorial!

Lucky SHD 100: Cheap, Forgiving, and My Favourite Film Ever

Lucky SHD 100 is a very cheap 35mm black and white film from China. It gives amazing results when used and developed correctly, which is why it is the only film I ever use now. It turns your eyes black and white.

The Theory and Psychology of Framing Your Image

Today, we’re taking a look at the theory and psychology behind the size, framing, and visual weight of different elements in your photographic composition. You’d be surprised how much there is to learn about this choice, and the impact your decision can have!

Buster is in a hurry
This is my favorite lomograph because...
Playing with wind
Dorkeling: snorkeling with dolphins

Portraits of Strangers: Don't Be Afraid, Just Ask

Since we are photographers, we look at our environment differently. Everything is a potential subject. The images that appear in our photos already exist and it is our job to find them and put them on film. Sometimes, the potential subject is a stranger and we are too afraid to take a photo. if you want to get over this fear, this is the tipster for you.

Aligning the DigitaLIZA on the Epson v500

The DigitaLIZA makes it easy to scan uncommon frame sizes and to include the sprocket holes, but lining it up on the scanner bed can be tricky. This easy tipster shows you how to get good alignment every time.

A Beautiful Double Exposure Holiday Movie

What happens when you mix a photo camera, a movie camera, lights, family and champagne in one analogue movie? Easy: you get a lovely and unique double exposure film. Do you want to know how I did it? Keep on reading!

UFO on Your Photos

If you want to add cryptic light balls to your photos, this tipster will help you. Read on to know how to add UFO-like orbs to your photos.

The Diana+ Lens Cap Security Cord

In the past they say to you "get rid of that lens cap", but today I say "lens cap protect your baby Diana lens". To keep this important piece of your camera you can try this tip!

Sprocket Holes: 135 Film in a 120 Roll

There are many ways of shooting with 135 in a 120 camera to sensitize the sprocket holes. This is an option in wich you can use the paper protection roll of 120 films.

DIY Instax Frame

Recycling is always a good idea for our planet. Let's make some gifts for our friends using Instax cartridges! Learn how I did it after the jump.

Disderi 4-Lens Sampler (Robot's less-Popular Sister)

We've all heard of the Disderi Robot 3, with it's quirky triple sampled images. The Robot has siblings, one with four lenses and one with two. Though it gets far less attention than the Robot, the Disderi four-lensed camera still provides some great lomographic storytelling. 1...2...3...4...check it out.

Laserjet Transfer on Mixed Media Collage

I was looking for a new way to show my lomographs. I wanted to incorporate texture, mixed media, collaging and lots of contrast. I found laserjet transfers.

Today in Singapore News - Girl Trapped Under Shopping Bags!

Something is going on in Singapore and we are determined to get to the bottom of it! In today's headlines, a Singaporean girl was found trapped under an avalanche of Lomography shopping bags.

Strawberry girl
Beach bound
Ewa Beach Historical Railroads
My baby and her Krab
Beach bum
Ewa Beach Historical Railroads
Ewa Beach Historical Railroads

DIY Splitzer for the Diana Mini

This article shows how to make a simple DIY splitzer for your Diana Mini using only a cap from an old medicine or vitamin bottle.

" Siam Summer photo contest2011 " Thailand Competitions
Seeing double?

Develop Films by Yourself

I finally decided to try and develop my film rolls by myself. I did this since I wanted to try and cross-process my films easily. Find out how I did it!

A Guide to Night Photography

When doing night photography, it is essential to know some tips and techniques that will help you attain beautiful pictures. Here are some tips that you can follow when doing night photography.

Recognize Your Roll

A quick and easy little tip to mark your full rolls of film.

Make Your Pictures Roll!

Fisheye Camera / Lens + Fisheye Circle Cutter = Circular Photos!

My Wedding Shoot

I like to take the picture of weddings. I can feel a sense of satisfaction and joy with each moment of happiness and beauty that I could capture using film and a Lomography camera.

Lomography on Flipboard

We are happy to announce that an ever-growing selection of Lomography photos can now be browsed on Flipboard – and we are even featured in their photos section!