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It only happens in your dream
Birds in your stomach

Stunning 70mm Film Shot Over 5 Years in 25 Countries

SAMSARA, Sanskrit for "the ever turning wheel of life", is director Ron Fricke's first movie in two decades. In production for nearly five years and shot in 100 locations across 25 countries, it's hard not to be in awe of his visually-stimulating non-verbal 70mm pièce de résistance. Watch the trailer here and see for yourselves.

Planning and Documenting your Killer Pictures for 2012

Even though lomography is all about improvising and shooting from the hip, it can never hurt to think ahead a bit, and plan for some killer shorts in 2012. Here's how I'm doing it.

Jeff Harris' 13 Years of Self-Portaits

13 years ago, Jeff Harris made a New Year's resolution - that is to take a picture of himself each day. And 13 years and 4,748 self-portraits later, has done an amazing and inspiring work. Let's check it out.

How to Make a Lomography Table

Do you have an old table or piece of furniture lying around? Want to make it your favourite household item ever by making it lomographied? Well, follow this tipster and I'll show you how to make a Lomography table in 5 easy steps.

How Film is Made - 1958 Kodak Documentary

Want to have an in-depth look on how exactly our favorite emulsion is made? Check out this old-school documentary!

Wear Your Camera Wherever You Go

You've already picked out your favorite shirt and your most comfortable pair of Oxfords. Before stepping out of your house, do not forget to dangle your most beloved Lomographic camera around your neck! Polyvore.com helps us visualize how to be hip while shooting from the hip.

Mary's Photo Diary: A Love Affair with My Canon AE-1

As promised, here is Mary's first entry for her very own Photo Diary series wherein she dissects her affinity with her favourite SLR camera.

Twins' Lens Reflexes: The Pulleys' Photography

Kate Pulley and Amanda Pulley are lovely twins, not just biologically, but also photographically. They are the best of friends and together, they create whimsical photographs of each other. Let us dissect their conjoined photographic memories as we get to know them individually. Kate, blow us away!

Influential Photographs: Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, 1954 by George Zimbel

Behind the scenes of The Seven Year Itch, George Zimbel, among a number of other photographers, captured this flowering still of Marilyn Monroe: while her skirt flew up and the crowd roared like crazy!

How To Make a Double Matchbox Pinhole Camera

World Pinhole Photography Day/Week is coming up on the 24th of April and I wanted to share a 'How to make' with you all. Some years ago I put together two matchboxes and made a bizarre panoramic double image mash up cam which allows you to overlap, multi expose or juxtapose different images together. If you embrace a challenge and love the unexpected, then this is the cam for you.

Lomography x Digital Arts: Show Your Colours Rumble!

We want you to push your creativity to the limit and show us your most colour filled shots, for a chance to get featured in Digital Arts Magazine!

PinHolo - The story of how I made a Pine-Nut Pinhole Camera!

When I was a student at the Fine Arts Academy in Perugia, I fell in love with stenopeic photography and started gathering every kind of document I could about it and its technical evolution. I asked for some information from my photography teacher, Antonio Todini - He suggested that I search "Pinhole Photography" on the internet and as a way of remembering things said: “Pinhole, it sounds like pinolo (pine nut, in Italian), but with the 'H' after the 'N' and the final 'E'”. Since that moment the little nut planted itself in my mind and grew in the form of a challenge to make my very own pine nut pinhole camera!

Paint Your Camera

White - A symbol of purity and innocence, will become the motivation for your creativity.

How to turn almost anything into a Pinhole Camera

Before starting, lift your eyes from this article and look around. You are surrounded by boxes. Real boxes. Also the room is a box, although you still haven't realized it. Houses are big boxes. Bottles, cans, wardrobes and closets, teapots, pumpkins, eggs and... you. Boxes. Everywhere. Now, choose a box. This box will be your new camera.

some SX 70 b/w shots

Double Your Pleasure: Multiple Exposures with Color and Shadow

A lot of people like multiples but are never satisfied with the output enough to shoot them more consistently. I want to talk about how double exposures work and what you can look for.

Tangerine Double
Gallery Door

Handmade color processing with Tetenal Color Colortec C-41 Rapid Negative Kit

After I started to develop black and white film, I really wanted to know if it was possible to do the same with color negatives, but the guys at the lab told me: “color film processing is different…you need to get the right temperatures, find the right chemistry, and the chemistry will expire fast, the lab is cheaper and reliable, you'll waste your money and time...” But I was decided!