Buckshot Challenges You To A New Year's Day Lomo Race...!

Credits: buckshot

Dear Lomo friends,
The remaining hours of 2012 are rapidly ticking away, and New Year’s Day is very nearly upon us.

So I have a question for you: Do you want to spend the first day of 2013 sitting around at home watching crap movies on TV while your hangover slowly fades…? If so, I recommend 'Sex Lives of the Potato Men' and a box of Alka-Seltzer ;-)

However, if you would rather make New Year’s Day special and memorable by doing something fun, creative and challenging that involves your favourite hobby, Lomography, I invite you to take part in the world’s first ever New Year’s Day Lomo Race…!

You in? Ok, this is how it works…
You have 10 hours to shoot, process and upload a roll of film, capturing as many of the 12 subjects (plus one bonus subject) that I will post here in an updated version of this blog at the race start time of 8 o’clock (London, UK time) on the morning of Tuesday, 1 January 2013. Points will then be awarded according to the Scoring below and posted in an updated version of this blog later that evening.

And that’s it! Oh, except that one lucky Lomographer will win some really nice prizes, of course…! (See below.)

How to enter
Simply post “Hell yeah, I’m in..!” in the comments below this blog NOW or any time up to race start time (08:00 London, UK time on 1 January 2013).

The race is open to all Lomographers, anywhere in the world, but bear in mind that you need to respect UK times for the race start and finish, which might be tricky if you live in Honolulu. Sorry!

The lucky winner will receive:
• The glory and honour of being officially crowned ‘Winner of the 2013 New Year’s Day Lomo Race’ — a truly unique and priceless award that no other Lomographer in the world can ever claim. Pretty cool, huh…? ;-)
• A really crap Mystery Prize with a retail value of £3.99 (hey, I have three kids, ya know, and Christmas wiped me out!). I will personally ship this to you, wherever you live in the world, and whether you want it or not. (The mystery will be revealed when the scores are posted here.)
• The inalienable right to organise, choose the subjects for and judge the 2014 New Year’s Day Lomo Race. Lucky you, right…?!? But hey, this prize is transferable to a nominated Lomographer of your choice if you’d rather spend 1 January 2014 sitting around watching crap TV all day instead. We won’t hold it against you. Much.

Runner-up prize:
• Every runner-up in this exciting challenge gets the right to tag all the shots in their race album with “I took part in the 2013 New Year’s Day Lomo Race and I won nada, niente, zilch, squat, but it was great fun anyway”. (You may choose alternate words to reflect your actual experience ;-)

The rules
• Shoot as many of the subjects included in the must-shoot list as you can (ideally all of them, plus the bonus subject too, if you can). The list of must-shoot subjects and the bonus subject will be published in an updated version of this blog post at precisely 08:00 London, UK time (that’s 09:00 in mainland Europe) on Tuesday, 1 January 2013.
• To maximise your points, you must publish your album in your Lomo home and post a link to it in the comments below this blog post by 18:00 (that’s 19:00 in mainland Europe) on Tuesday, 1 January 2013. Your comment must also indicate the time at which you posted your comment (e.g. “17:45 – My Lomo race album is live here: [link].”). Only London, UK time counts, so bear that in mind if you live in a different country. Albums posted after the deadline will still score points, but not as many (see Scoring, below).
• It doesn’t matter what camera you use (as long as it’s analogue), what film you use (35mm, 120, 110, etc., black&white or colour) or how it’s processed (C-41, E-6, x-pro, etc.).
• You must not simply Google the subjects online and shoot them from your computer screen, otherwise you’ll be disqualified and score zero points!
• I, buckshot, am in no way legally or morally responsible if, during the course of this race, you get punched by a stranger on the street, busted by the cops or break your neck falling off a ladder trying to get a really awesome telephoto aerial view of a neon-coloured rubber duck in a street gutter or any crazy-assed Lomo shit like that.
• I’m the Official Lomo Race Judge for this event, ‘cos I organised it, so I get the final word on any decision about the awarding of points, capiche? And no, I don’t care if your brother’s bigger than me and has a black belt in ball-breaking, ok?

You will score:
• 10 points for each of the 12 must-shoot subjects. (120 points for 12 shots, 110 points for 11 shots, 90 points for 9 shots, etc.).
• 20 points extra for getting all 12 of the must-shoot subjects (in addition to the 10 points for each one).
• 30 bonus points for getting the optional bonus shot.
• 30 points for posting your album to your Lomo home and including a link to it in the comments below this blog post by race finish time (18:00 London, UK time on Tuesday, 1 January 2013).
• 20 bonus points for being the first to upload your completed album to your Lomo home (with a link posted in the comments below this blog post to prove it – Remember to write the exact time in your comment too).

In addition to this, in my role as Official Lomo Race Judge I will assess all entries received by race finish and award:
• 20 points for the most original/inventive/wacky album.
• 20 points for the most technically proficient album.
• 20 points for the most trashy, lo-fi album.

If I’ve done the maths correctly, this means you can score a maximum of 200 points for uploading a complete album (all must-shoots plus bonus subject) by the race finish time, or 220 points if you are the first participant to do so. Thereafter, I will add the judge’s points, to reveal the grand winner. In the event of two or more participants sharing the highest score, I will award an additional 10 points for my favourite individual shot in the same-scoring albums, so there’s only one outright winner. Sound fair to you? Sounds fair to me. And because I’m such a fair guy, my own album (yes, I’m competing too, of course!) will be excluded from the Judge’s points, so is highly unlikely to win (boo hoo!).

All clear? In that case, ladies and gentlemen, remember to post “I’m in…!” in the comments box NOW, and I hope to see lots of you at the starting line on New Year’s Morning!

Love & bullets,

UPDATE: The Race Is On…! –

Good morning and a very happy 2013 to all you bravehearted Lomographers who are up for this exciting New Year’s Day challenge!!! I hope last night was brilliant… but also hope that you can still see enough through your bloodshot eyes to take some pictures today ;-)

So here’s the list of subjects you should be aiming for. Most of them are pretty straightforward, some may be a little bit more challenging. Whatever the subject, use your creativity, imagination and Lomographic skills to make each one as original and interesting as possible – this might help you to win the Judge’s points.

The 12 must-shoot subjects (each worth 10 points)
1. Your local train-station sign, or any sign that shows the name of the town/village you live in.
2. You and your camera reflected in a mirror, shop window or other reflective surface – the more unusual the better.
3. A postbox, like the classic red ones on the streets of London, or whatever the equivalent is in your country.
4. A statue – any statue, your choice (but the more unusual the better).
5. A Mini car – preferably a real one, but a toy one, keyring or anything with the Mini logo on it will be acceptable too.
6. A female stranger on the street wearing a hat – the weirder the better! (Must not be a friend/family member – no cheating!)
7. A male stranger on the street with an unusual haircut, e.g. punky, spiky, razored… something like that. (Must not be a friend/family member – I trust you!)
8. A street entertainer (e.g. musician, living statue, fire-eater or other street artist).
9. A bus driver at the wheel of his/her bus.
10. A police car, ambulance or fire engine – preferably with its lights flashing, but without is good too.
11. Birds – this can be a whole flock of flamingos landing gracefully on a lake at sunrise (yeah, right!) or two pigeons crapping on a park bench – it doesn’t matter, but there must be at least two of them and they must be real birds (e.g. not ones in a poster/magazine/etc.).
12. Jesus – He’s not hard to find if you look in the right places… ;-)

Optional bonus shot (worth 30 points)
13. An abandoned supermarket trolley (shopping cart) in a river, forest, backstreet or anywhere except at a supermarket.

Go get ’em!
Good luck, guys and gals, and happy shooting. THE RACE IS ON – May the best Lomographer win…!

UPDATE 2: And the winners are…

OK, guys, here are the results, in reverse order of scores…:

5th place, with 100 points, goes to @sweetyyydreams for getting 7 must-shoot subjects and uploading her album on time.

4th place (joint), with 130 points, goes to @buckshot (Look, Mama – that’s ME…!) for getting 10 must-shoot subjects and uploading his album on time.

4th place (joint), with 130 points, goes to @stratski for getting 10 must-shoot subjects and uploading his album on time.

3rd place (joint), with 140 points, goes to @adash for getting 11 must-shoot subjects and uploading his album on time.

3rd place (joint), with 140 points, goes to @emkei for getting 9 must-shoot subjects, uploading his album on time and winning the Judge’s points for “Most trashy lo-fi album” (that’s a compliment, by the way…!).

2nd place, with 180 points, goes to @gauthierdumonde for getting 11 must-shoot subjects, being the first to upload his album on time and winning the Judge’s points for “Most technically proficient album” (sheesh, he used four different cameras, several different films, did artistic stuff with coffee and pencils, and transported a mobile development laboratory halfway across Belgium…!)

1st place, with a very impressive 190 points, goes to @kneehigh85 for getting 11 must-shoot subjects, the bonus subject (she was the only Lomoracer to get it…!), uploading her album on time and winning the Judge’s points for “Most original/inventive/wacky album” (you can’t get much wackier than comedy floppy hats, police horse-cars and nodding Jesuses , or whatever the plural is… :-).

Very well done all of you, for your guts, your stamina, your dedication to the art of Lomography, your creativity, your resourcefulness and your chutzpah, and also for sacrificing your precious New Year’s day to indulge the spontaneous whimsy of a fellow Lomographer… I’m sure glad you took part and helped me to have one of the best January 1sts I’ve ever had…!

It remains only for me, in my role as Official Lomo Race Judge, to officially crown @kneehigh85 as the 2013 New Year’s Day Lomo Race WINNER…!!! Well done, kneehigh – may this be just the first of many victories in 2013.

Lastly, I can now reveal that the Mystery Prize is… Yep, you guessed it already… a DVD of “Sex Lives of the Potato Men” (of course…!). @kneehigh85: Please PM me your address so I can ship it to you, ok?)

THANK YOU ALL FOR TAKING PART, and I look forward to joining you in some more wacky Lomo adventures in the future, my friends…!

written by buckshot on 2013-01-01


  1. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    Hell Yeah I am in !! Don't know how I am going to do it because I ain't home that day. How are you going to check if the shots were taken on jan 1? There is no paper that day to include in the shots.
    By the way, if you can make the rules more complicated you are welcome in belgian politics !

  2. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @gauthierdumonde: What...!?! The rules are so simple even Rosie could understand them: shoot the 12 (+ 1 bonus) subjects that I post on New Year's morning, process the film and upload it by 6 o'clock that evening! There's no way anyone could shoot the album before because they don't know what the subjects are yet, so no newspaper is required. Great that you're in though - I'm sure you'll figure a way somehow ;-)

  3. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    Oh yes, I am going to carry a Patterson tank, laptop and scanner everywhere I go on newyears day !

  4. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @gauthierdumonde: You'll probably need some chemicals too... and a camera ;-)

  5. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Hell yeah, I'm in!

  6. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @kneehigh85: Excellent! Really glad you're joining in...!!! Remember to tune in again here tomorrow morning for the subjects list.

  7. buckshot
  8. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    Hell yeah I'm in! Since I can't self process film at home and the labs will be closed, can I use the LC-A instant back with Fuji instax film as my companion for the race??

  9. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @sweetyyydreams: You sure can! Anything goes! GREAT that you're up for it!!!

  10. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    @buckshot: Oh yeaaah! Can't wait for tomorrow morning to get the subjects!

  11. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    love the energy - but I will be too hangover :D

  12. adash
    adash ·

    LOL! Hell yeah, I'm in too!

  13. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @adash: COOL! Welcome aboard! :-) @wil6ka: That's totally understandable - no sweat, man. Thanks for checking anyway!

  14. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    if only i could… now you got that song in your ear. sorry but i can not develop myself so i can´t join in! but i wish you a lot of fun and i will check the results.

  15. rainboow
    rainboow ·

    hmm I will be drunk :D and I don´t think that I´ll be at home... that would be so stressful
    sorry next time :)

  16. adash
    adash ·

    Does Instax and paper pinhole count? These are pretty much analogue as well.

  17. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @bloomchen and @rainboow: That's a shame, but I understand. No worries, friends, there will probably be another opportunity. Do come back to check everyone's albums though...!

  18. earlybird
    earlybird ·

    hangover...i am down with wil6ka...sorry but great idea :) maybe i take part but i don´t give a guarantee

  19. elvismartinezsmith
    elvismartinezsmith ·

    nice one, I'd love to but I can't process at home and don't shoot instant photos :( good luck everyone, I'll definitely come to see the results :)

  20. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @adash: Sounds Lomo to me...! You could be an early contender for the Judge's trashy lo-fi points...! ;-)

  21. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @earlybird: Alles klar - just join in if you're sober enough...! ;-) @elvismartinezsmith: Pas d'blem, mon ami. Thanks for the support anyway!

  22. dida
    dida ·


  23. winterschlaefer
    winterschlaefer ·

    what a great idea! but i think i`ll be to drunk tomorrow morning, so good luck to all the (sober) racers!

  24. adash
    adash ·

    I'm very glad it will be a lo-fi contest!

  25. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    All these people saying they will be hungover, I don't think that's a good excuse. Ill feel crap tomorrow but I'm just hoping one of the subjects is a portrait of my own hideous face, eyelashes stuck to my chin and everything!!

  26. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    @kneehigh85: exactly what I was thinking! I'll probably be quite hangover tomorrow as well, but that's even more challenging and fun to compete with this burden haha! I agree with you, would be funny if one of the subjects is a "morning after self portrait"!

  27. stratski
    stratski ·

    Hell yeah I'm in! Sounds like an excellent way to start the new year. I´ve got nothing else planned anyway. Haha, I´m planning allready... 19.00 local time upload deadline, -1 hour for scanning, -2 hours for drying the film (or I could turn up the heater, that would speed things up), -1 hour for processing, I'll probably het up around noon, so that leaves about 4 hours. Totally doable.

  28. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @stratski: Excellent...! I love your mathematical approach to the timing – I bet you were a good boy scout... ;-) Great that you're in!

  29. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Just realised as my developer is out of date and shops are shut so ill be going instant too

  30. lazybuddha
    lazybuddha ·

    Hell yeah I'm in.....I actually don't think I've got a snowball's chance in hell of actually taking any photos tomorrow, due to several factors, but I'll enter just in case. Love the idea.

  31. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @lazybuddha: That's GREAT my friend...! See what you can do, ok?

  32. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @kneehigh85 and @sweetyyydreams: I could have added a rule that you must do this race with a hangover, but I figured that goes without saying ;-) Besides, @gauthierdumonde already finds the rules quite challenging, so we wouldn't want to confuse him even more! As for your suggestion, it just so happens that one of the subjects might allow you to fulfil your wish ;-) Enjoy the partying tonight...!

  33. realrampage
    realrampage ·

    if i had a polaroid sure i'm in but if i go to my lab tomorrow don't think they are in Hahaha.
    crazy idea !!!

  34. sixsixty
    sixsixty ·


  35. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @stratski: Oops, make that GIRL scout...! A thousand apologies! (Hangs head in shame ;-)

  36. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Well, @gauthierdumonde, @stratski, @kneehigh85, @sweetyyydreams, @adash and @lazybuddha, it seems we are at least 7 racers for tomorrow, which is already more than I expected, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and I look forward to competing against you tomorrow, despite the hangover...! Remember to check back here for the subjects list in the morning, if you're still sober enough to read ;-). In the meantime, I'm off to get the New Year's drinking started, so I'll be incommunicado for a while, but I wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEARin advance, and

  37. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    ... see y'all with revvin' engines tomorrow! (Dang, I guess I'm half drunk already... ;-)

  38. yyyhorn
    yyyhorn ·

    I'm in too! that'll give me something to do tommorow!! Can't wait to see "the list" Mr. Buckshot!!

  39. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Hang on just one second - "compete against you"? You can't be against us, you already know the subjects!!!

  40. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @yyyhorn: You're joining in from Canada...?!? EPIC - Great to have you in the race, man!

  41. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @kneehigh85: Hell yeah, I'm doing this too, of course...!!! I do know the subjects, yes, but I still have to shoot them in the same timeframe as you guys, and stick to the same rules too. But don't worry, I'm excluded from the judge's points, so I cannot possibly win it – that would just be silly :-)

  42. yyyhorn
    yyyhorn ·

    @buckshot hopefully I am awake for the start of the race hehe!! :' )

  43. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @gauthierdumonde, @stratski, @kneehigh85, @sweetyyydreams, @adash, @lazybuddha, @yyyhorn, @earlybird: The shooting list has now been added to the bottom of the blog post. (You may wish to print it out and take it with you.) Hope you have fun out there, and I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing your results later this evening...!

  44. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    Freak are you ! I am at the end of civilisation here ! there is only one statue and it is one of Jesus, there are no busses and we don't drive Mini's ! :).

  45. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @gauthierdumonde: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, HA...!!! You'll have to compensate with your imagination then... Good luck! :-)

  46. stratski
    stratski ·

    Haha! O dear. A street entertainer? Today? In this town? Well, better get a move on I guess, into the rain!

  47. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Ok @buckshot I will let you play. Didn't want you stealing the £3.99 prize that's all! I didn't get in til 4:30 so I am having a relaxed start to the race. Got a team assembling at 1200 hours!

  48. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    My album is here : www.lomography.com/homes/gauthierdumonde/albums/1920344-buc…

    names and stories follow, now I have to and drink Champagne !!

  49. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    This was by far the most fun thing to do on new year's day. Nearly got arrested for photographing a police car (after I chased it for two miles)

  50. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Oh I'm so gutted you beat me!!! My slow start may have been a mistake. I have got a fun team of 5 though so having a great time, 3 shots to go!

  51. stratski
    stratski ·

    Oh no, you beat me! The processing machine is running, but then the film has to dry and I need to scan the pics. At least two hours before I can post!

  52. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Mine are instant but I need to get the scanner on.

  53. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Just put my roll in the 1-hour processing shop (yes, they're open here today :-). Have been shooting for 5 hours and am exhausted, but exhilarated too. Finally having a goddamned cup of coffee while I wait. Will need harder stuff tonite though... after scanning, uploading, tagging. It's been GREAT fun though! I just hope the newbie woman at the lab doesn't f* up my homemade redscale...! Catch you all later...

  54. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    Aaaaahhhh I guess I'll be last! Have been driving around for hours around my village, but I don't even have half of the photos :-( My village and surroundings are dead and not fun! No statue (no kidding), no bus, no one in the streets (so forget the entertainer and the strangers), the police car and gendarmerie cars are hidden behind the "compounds"... Can't wait to go to Paris in 2 days to see some life... But anyway, I'm having so much fun so thanks @buckshot for the idea! Going to finish the photos and scans, catch you all in a while!

  55. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    @kneehigh85 @stratski I did not drink last night and got early (3.30am) in bed so I was able to read Bucksies twelve commandements when he posted them. Got in my car, shot everything in two hours, developed by noon, film was dry two hours later. Scanned and uploaded.
    @sweetyyydreams everything was dead here too. I was surprised busses were driving ! Except for a few drunk people leaving bars, the streets were deserted.

  56. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    I used a Belair, a Great Wall DF-3 a Nikon F5 and Fuji instax 210. I also had a loaded Yashicamat, but I did not use that one because I did not want to develop to many rolls. My Patterson can only hold one 120 roll at a time. The medium format roll were pre-exposed, using a Holga close-up lens, I shot a texture I made with pencil and coffee. Bucks can't complain I did not take his race seriously serious !

  57. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    My album is online (Uk time now 4:30), and the link is here - www.lomography.com/homes/kneehigh85/albums/1920393-january-…
    I had a blast doing this and I will be writing a little story next to all the photos!

  58. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    It's 5pm UK time and here is my album: www.lomography.com/homes/sweetyyydreams/albums/1920397-buck… Photos are crap and I'm missing a few subjects (almost caught an ambulance with the lights on though, but I was driving towards it very fast, so I preferred avoiding an accident!) but I really enjoyed this small race, and I'm looking forward to the next one!

  59. emkei
    emkei ·

    give us one hour more buckshot, please ;)

  60. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Damn, only 35 minutes left - I'm beginning to shit bricks...!

  61. adash
    adash ·

    19:59: My Lomo race album is live here: www.lomography.com/homes/adash/albums/1920411-lomorace-on-t…

  62. stratski
    stratski ·

    Just in time 18:55 (local time): www.lomography.com/homes/stratski
    The pictures are crap, though. Turns out that second hand camera has a faulty auto focus. And my sloppy processing didn't help either. Ah well, I had a lot of fun anyway.

  63. emkei
    emkei ·

    my album:
    but is not complete, because i am still scanning... i need maybe half an hour more........

  64. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    18:00 Phew, made it just in time...! My album is live here: www.lomography.com/homes/buckshot/albums/1920410-2013-new-y…

  65. adash
    adash ·

    Oups, mine was 19:59 local time, or 17:59 London time. My bad.

  66. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @adash @gauthierdumonde @sweetyyydreams @kneehigh85 @emkei @stratski OK, I have had two beers and five cigarettes to recover from the stress of getting my album up on time(!), and am now beginning to look at all albums and awarding points. Full results will be posted in a while... In the meantime, THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for taking part and MEGA CONGRATULATIONS for actually getting it done. You are LOMO HEROES...!!!!

  67. adash
    adash ·

    Oh, no, thank YOU for organizing that race. Sort of made my day meaningful. Not that I was really going to watch crappy TV programs all day long, but I really liked the idea of going out with a camera and a purpose. Cool!

  68. adash
    adash ·

    Note to myself: stop using "really" so dam often....

  69. stratski
    stratski ·

    Thank you for thinking this up! Who knew you could have so much fun cycling around looking for discarded shopping carts! It sure is a different way of going around town... ("Ooh, I'll go over there, that street looks really seedy, they must have shopping carts.")

  70. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    Thanks a lot for organizing this, I really had a great time!

  71. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    I had so much fun! Can't wait to get on my computer in a minute ad look through all the albums. First things first though - roast dinner!

  72. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @kneehigh85 Yep, get your priorities right...! ;-) I'm frikkin' starving myself, but I feel a sense of obligation to get the results up as soon as poss... No worries, those two pork chops in the fridge ain't going anywhere anytime soon... Unless the dog's learned how to open the fridge ;-)

  73. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Oooo I feel better now I am full! I am going to have a look through all the albums whilst awaiting the results!

  74. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Yay!!!!!!!!!! Just saw the results - team kneehigh are all well chuffed!!! And I have never seen that movie. Can't wait to judge next year, already thinking of subjects!!!

  75. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    @kneehigh85 Congrats on being the winner!! Well deserved!

  76. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    @sweetyyydreams thank you!

  77. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·


  78. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    @kneehigh85 Great Job Congrats

    And @Buckshot thanks for giving us a great way to spend the day. My family declared me crazy, as I got up at the hour I normally come home. As I was in my darkroom instead of drinking champagne, as the had to wait for me while I was scanning and they want to head of to the next familygathering. I had a nice talk with an old lady, some drunk party people, a less nice chat with the police, had to shoot their car without them seeing. Got on a bus without paying. And I visited all the family I had to visit. Great Idea that Race ! ! !

  79. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @stratski: Damn, I did it AGAIN! I wrote 'his' instead of 'her'... sorry! You really need to change your username to something that sounds less like Starsky & Hutch... ;-) Sincere apologies, though.

  80. emkei
    emkei ·

    congrats @kneehight85 :).
    3rd place for me is great too :).
    very nice competition @buckshot

  81. stratski
    stratski ·

    Woohoo! I'm in the top 5! Congratulations @kneehight85! A well deserved winner. Let us know what the sex life of the potatoe men is like. And @buckshot: no worries. Thanks again for organising this, it was a lot of fun.

  82. adash
    adash ·

    @kneehigh85 Congrats, darling!
    I am also very happy to be in the third place - I had so much fun yesterday!

  83. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    awww, I missed it! But thanks @buckshot for the reminder and congrats to the winners ;)