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Lomo Luke is ready to travel the world!

Lomo Luke, the intrepid Playmographer, is ready for his next adventure. He has his passport in his pocket and he's ready to get out there and see the world. The question is: are YOU ready to take him home with you...?

Lomo Luke has his passport ready and he’s ready to explore the world!

Hi guys, you may know Lomo Luke from my recent albums Lomo Luke’s Analogue Advice and Lomo Luke Does London. Well, like all Lomographers, Lomo Luke has an itch in his feet — a wanderlust that won’t be satisfied until he has done a tour of the whole world… and he’s hoping that you will be kind enough to help make his dream a reality. Are you willing? If so, all you have to do is express an interest in the comments below, and soon Lomo Luke will be boarding a train, an airplane or hitching a ride in an automobile on his way to exploring the little corner of the world where YOU live.

Lomo Luke begins his voyage in London. Where will he go next…? You decide!

So, what do you do when Lomo Luke arrives? Well, it’s simple — you just take him out and show him around your city/town/village, and shoot an album that records his stay with you. Try to capture the landmarks, the highlights or whatever it is that makes where you live special, or even just different — anything at all that you want to share with the rest of the world.

You can shoot with whatever camera and film you like, and even take it to the next level with medium format, panorama, redscale, x-pro, black & white, Polaroid or whatever floats your boat — there are no rules, and Lomo Luke is ready for every experience!

Lomo Luke has done the landmarks of London, and now he’s eager for new experiences in other parts of the world.

The only thing you have to agree to is, after you have shot and uploaded your album to your home, to send Lomo Luke on to another Lomographer (of your choice) who has expressed an interest in taking him home in the comments below this article. I will choose the first person to send him to myself, but after that, it’s entirely up to you guys where Luke goes next, what he does and what he sees.

It would be really fantastic if Lomo Luke could travel to every country in the world — or at least to as many countries on every continent as possible. I realise this could be a long-term thing, and I don’t expect to see Luke back home in Farnham, UK, any time soon — if ever! But I really look forward to seeing the world through Luke’s eyes, via the albums you create, and he and I are both extremely excited about the adventure to come!

Last thing: if you do shoot an album with Lomo Luke in your corner of the world, please remember to paste a link to it in the comments below, so that I can come see it and check up on where the little guy is and what he’s up to on the latest stage of his round-the-world trip! Much appreciated.

Many thanks for your interest, friends, and I wish Lomo Luke — and YOUbon voyage! :-)

Love & bullets,

written by buckshot


  1. stratski


    Great plan. I'm always ready for a little play time, and I'd love to show Lomo Luke around my little corner of the world!

    2 months ago · report as spam
  2. icequeenubia


    Lucky Lomo Luke! London is one of the places I want to visit someday! Very interesting series! :)

    2 months ago · report as spam
  3. neanderthalis


    Lomo Luke is welcome to Honolulu, Hawaii if he is so inclined.

    2 months ago · report as spam
  4. schugger


    If Lomo Luke wants to visit Cologne, Germany, I´d be happy to host his visit and offer him a place to stay ;-)

    2 months ago · report as spam
  5. buckshot


    @stratski @icequeenubia @neanderthalis @shugger Woo! The Netherlands, Germany and Hawaii - all very cool places, and Lomo Luke's getting seriously excited about his upcoming trip! Thanks a lot for your generous invitations, guys. I probably won't make it to the post office until Saturday, but I'll decide by then who to send him to. Great offers so far, though - thanks a lot! :-)

    2 months ago · report as spam
  6. mafiosa


    Add Calgary, Canada to the list :)

    2 months ago · report as spam
  7. nia_ffm


    If Lomo Luke would like to see more than one city in Germany he is very welcome to Frankfurt :-)

    2 months ago · report as spam
  8. kibs


    I would love to show Lomo Luke around Chicago! I'm sure he'd love the sites and maybe even a gangster tour. We were home to Al Capone after all ;) I promise he won't be corrupted.

    2 months ago · report as spam
  9. captain_mary


    I really would love to show Lomo Luke some spots in Germany (either Ruhrpott or Saxony or Hamburg)! You're invited, Lomo Luke!

    2 months ago · report as spam
  10. buckshot


    @mafiosa @nia_ffm @kibs @captain_mary Also very generous offers - thanks a million!! Just to update you all, and @neanderthalis @shugger, Lomo Luke is already off on the first leg of his tour, to @stratski in The Netherlands. After that, it's up to her where he goes next. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for your kindness and sense of fun - you guys have the Lomo spirit for real! :-) And stay on the lookout for @stratski's photo-reportage of Luke's visit with her... Cheers, guys.

    2 months ago · report as spam
  11. wesco


    Wow, great initiative @buckshot! I will be happy to show Lomo Luke around in Utrecht, the Netherlands some time in the future. Looking forward to see all his experiences around the world!

    about 1 month ago · report as spam
  12. gauthierdumonde


    Hey Bucks ! when I first saw lomo-luke, first thing I thought was to invte him in. Fun fun. Now that i see he is doing a world trip, well I am not surprised.

    about 1 month ago · report as spam
  13. sweetyyydreams


    Ohhh I'd love to invite Lomo Luke to my humble home in Paris if he wants to come ;)

    about 1 month ago · report as spam
  14. saidseni


    Hey, Lomo Luke, you're welcome in Lisbon, Portugal, before you leave Europe!

    about 1 month ago · report as spam
  15. buckshot


    Wow, invitations to Utrecht, Gent, Paris and Lisbon now too, thanks to @wesco, @gauthierdumonde, @sweetyyydreams and @saidseni - Fantastic!!! Looks like little Luke's dream of seeing the big world out there is gonna come true! Thanks a million, guys! :-)

    about 1 month ago · report as spam
  16. stratski


    Hey there, friends! Lomo Luke's visit to Amersfoort was wonderful! But all good things must come to an end, so Luke is travelling on. He's had a lot of rain lately, so he's dying to go to a nice, warm, tropical destination. We're not doing the logical thing and going for the most economical route on this trip ;-) Hawaii it is! @neanderthalis, would you DM me your address so I can send Luke on his way? The pictures of Luke are right now drying in my bathroom, I'll let you all know when they're online.

    about 1 month ago · report as spam
  17. neanderthalis


    @stratski Thanks for picking me. I am already thinking of nice sunny locals for him to visit. I look forward to seeing his adventure so far when you post pictures.

    about 1 month ago · report as spam
  18. weleasewoger72


    Lomo Luke just e-mailed me and said he would love to visit Oxford when he gets back from his world tour.

    about 1 month ago · report as spam
  19. buckshot


    @weleasewoger72 He did? Cool - no world tour is complete without a visit to Oxford! :-)

    about 1 month ago · report as spam
  20. stratski


    Hey Ho! Lukes first stop on his world tour can be seen here: http://www.lomograph(…)-amersfoort
    We had a great time. I can't wait to see the rest of his journey.
    @buckshot @neanderthalis @icequeenubia @schugger @mafiosa @wesco @sweetyyydreams @gauthierdumonde @saidseni @weleasewoger72

    about 1 month ago · report as spam
  21. buckshot


    @stratski Very cool! Glad you guys had fun together :-) Next stop Hawaii - woo hoo...!!!

    about 1 month ago · report as spam
  22. stacy_mcpommes


    Oooh how cool! I see there are quite a few invitations from Germany already, but no Germany trip is complete without Munich! If Lomo Luke wants to, he can visit me during Oktoberfest! (20.09 till 05.10.)

    about 1 month ago · report as spam
  23. buckshot


    @stacy_mcpommes I know that Luke just LOVES Erdinger Weißbier, so I'm sure he'd be really happy to do the Oktoberfest, but his fate is in the hands of others right now. Mal sehen... Thanks for the offer!

    27 days ago · report as spam
  24. neanderthalis


    I don't want to hold up Lomo Luke any longer so he is on his way to Chicago to @kibs . He arrived shortly before my holiday and he came with me to North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. I did not want to slow him down so we did a quick stop at our famous Haleiwa town in Hawaii before he left. I think I need another holiday to recuperate. :) Hoping his shots came out. Aloha Luke!

    7 days ago · report as spam