Cold, gray and boring days


It’s sunday and the world is so boring today…In the shoutbox I only read entries like it’s so bad weather , feel so quite without any notifications, Stil no notifications and on and on…This is the disadvantage of the cold and rainy season…you sit in front of your computer and no one of your friends published new albums and the search of photos you like in random homes is too strenuous…you look out of the window and it rains :( what a crappy day!! I think some of you think like me … or not?

Why are so many clouds in the sky, which prevent a beautiful sunset like this?

Crédits: brommi

written by brommi on 2010-11-14


  1. permafrost
    permafrost ·

    oh you know, you gotta love those days too because they make the more beautiful days more beautiful.
    Listen to music, watch a movie, forget the world around you. Drink hot chocolate, cuddle with your friend or pet and watch the day go by.

  2. brommi
    brommi ·

    ouh I never thought like this way before...that will change now! it's a great idea. thanks =)
    You should write a blog about this :D

  3. permafrost
    permafrost ·

    Already wrote one on a different topic. I'm not creative enough to write two blog entries on one day *uff* ;) kidding. Hey, you're German. Lustig!