Rollei Crossbird (35mm, 200 iso)


It seems we can process it either c41 or e6. We know we can, whatever it be, colour negative or colour positive. We know we can process it otherwise, if we want it.
For now, I have some results using c41 process.

When I saw it first time, it was said something like “this film was created in order to reach the same results as a slide film cross processed!”. So, I thought it was a colour negative film. But now I can´t decide about it, cause I have also read it is a colour positive film. Whatever it be, I know it is a film, but I will not be surprised if someone said it is not.
As far as I can see, the contrast can be excellent.
Overemphasizing in colour green. And also colour yellow is highlighted. It seems to me sharing something with Lomography X-Pro 35mm 200 iso.
And the blues can be soft, sweet.
Grain can be clearly seen in some images, those having green skies. But, what´s the problem? I like grain, which has its proper beauty.

written by bravopires on 2011-01-11

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  1. blormore
    blormore ·

    Really cool film and great gallery! I've never been able to get those greens and yellows out of a roll of lomo xpro, so i must try this film! :)